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Fight for Peace and Love 28 (part 1)

Chapter 28 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 8 (part 1)

Under the study with high intensity, the long summer vacation passed by fast.

After half of the summer vacation, Bai Luoluo took Bai Nianjin to the nearby scenic spots to avoid a week of summer. One of the benefits of being a teacher is that he will get two long paid vacations a year, so he has time to have a trip.

That scenic area is a mountain, the hottest temperature in summer also maintained in more than twenty degree. It was very cool and comfortable even without opening the air conditioner.

On vacation in the mountains, Bai Luoluo wore a vest and a pair of shorts, holding a fishing rod to go fishing with Bai Nianjin. As Bai Nianjin gradually grew up, they finally looked like father and son or brothers. In fact, Li Hansheng was not too old. He had not found a girlfriend yet and had little love experience, which was similar to Bai Luoluo.

The fish in the pond are raised by the farmers. Bai Luoluo got three grass carps in one afternoon.

Bai Nianjin was also fishing, but his craft was a little rusty. He didn’t get any fish at all.

Putting the fish into a basket, Bai Luoluo thought about the recipe for tonight while packing up fishing gear. Returning from the pond to his dwelling place, he walked in the shade of the trees with Bai Nianjin. Cicadas kept singing on the trees. All the heat seemed to have been dispersed with feet on the smooth bluestone road.

To roast the fish needs to salt it first, Bai Luoluo has been very skilled at killing fish. Generally he was responsible for killing the raw poultry at home and it’s not a big deal to kill a chicken or a duck.

When Bai Luoluo did these things, was reading the English book while looking at Bai Luoluo to do the fish.

Bai Luoluo was very thin, which was more obvious when he wore a broad vest. His white waist would occasionally show when he squatted down. The scenery was almost exactly the same with that in Bai Nianjin’s dream.

There were some sweat on Bai Nianjin’s nose tip. It is not hot now, but Bai Nianjin’s mouth is dry. He looked at the back of Bai Luoluo and almost rushed to embrace him. But Bai Luoluo held back this desire,. he lowered his eyes and turned to read the book on his hands again.

Bai Luoluo completely did not perceive Bai Nianjin’s hot look. He dealt with the fish clean carefully and used the cooking wine and the spring onion, ginger to pickle it, then he went to prepare some side dishes.

The night screen had hung down, but the sky was still bright full of stars. The moon hanging in the Milky Way was like a jade plate. They could clearly see the path in the mountain.

Bai Luoluo borrowed a grill and some charcoals from the boss to roast the fish in front of the door.

The charcoals gave off heat to roast the fish slowly while the strong fragrance came up. Bai Luoluo’s forehead started to drip the sweat.

“Is it hot?” Bai Nianjin asked.

“Not hot.” The mosquito bit on the leg of Bai Luoluo, “You go to get me a bit of essential balm…”

“Good.” Bai Nianjin said.

After he entered the house, he quickly came out again and walked to the side of Bai Luoluo. He naturally squatted down to apply the essential balm on Bai Luoluo’s legs.

“I’ll do it myself.” said Bai Luoluo with a little embarrassment.

“Your hands are so oily.” Bai Nianjin said, “Let me do it.” He applied the essential balm on the ankle of Bai Luoluo slowly. As a teacher, Bai Luoluo didn’t walk too frequently. He had small feet and thin ankles. Bai Nianjin could wrap up his foot with one palm easily.

Bai Nianjin pursed up the lips after finishing applying the essential balm for him: “Anywhere else?”

Bai Luoluo felt the mosquitoes was still buzzing around him, “Apply some more on me.” he said.

Then Bai Nianjin continued to apply the essential balm on his arms, neck, and legs. In fact this was their first intimate contact. Bai Luoluo had been very careful to keep the distance with him before, after all, the youth was to establish his three views, so he did not want him to have any misunderstanding.

Bai Nianjin then sat back and put down the book to go to the toilet after a while.

Bai Luoluo did not think much, but continued to roast the fish seriously.

Half an hour later, the fish was done. Bai Luoluo also prepared a cold mung bean soup and some cold beer to cool off the heat. He put the fish on the table and said, “Are you hungry? Let’s eat.”

“I’m not hungry.” Bai Nianjin said.

Bai Luoluo smiled.

Although he said he was not hungry, he didn’t put sown his chopstick for a while. The fish was fresh and delicious. Because the seasoning was used more, the flavor was thicker, which almost fully covered the fishy smell. The skin of the fish was roasted golden and felt crisp in the mouth. Pickled peppers and a variety of spices integrated into the meat perfectly. The fish was served with the best of everything: dried Tofu, savoury onions, tender Tofu and quail eggs that had been fried in the oil.

While Bai Luoluo was eating, he also drank some beer and asked Bai Nianjin what he wants to do in the future.

“Make money.” Bai Nianjin said,

Bai Luoluo hadn’t expected that he answered so directly,. He said: “What if you earn a lot of money?”

Bai Nianjin thought for a while and said: “I will think of that later.”

“There are many beautiful things in the world.” Bai Luoluowed said.

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo.

“Never give up so easily, always fight for it.” continued Bai Luoluo. Though he said so, it was not at all persuasive. He was a peculiarly easy-going person without strong desire. Enough is as good as a feast. He seemed to be on his laurels, but as long as he was comfortable and happy, why should he care about others’ thoughts?

Bai Nianjin moved his throat and nodded slowly.

After a long time, Bai Luoluo recalled that night he brought Bai Nianjin to eat roasted fish and felt that he was digging a hole for himself and actively jump into it.

The system said: “You even stretched your neck to ask why not burying you as fast as possible.”

Bai Luoluo: “… shut up.”

After eating the roasted fish, the two went to bed one after the other.

After the summer vacation, a new semester began.

A parent-teacher meeting was coming, but apparently Bai Nianjin’s parents were unable to attend the meeting. But his grades did not seem to worry the teachers, so the matter passed. Just teachers in Bai Luoluo’s office were quite sympathetic to this child. Since they all knew Bai Nianjin now lives in Bai Luoluo’s home, they all said teacher Li are really a good person.

From an outsider’s point of view, Bai Luoluo is indeed a good person, after all, there are few teacher who is willing to take the students home and raises him a son.

September 16th. It was a Saturday.

Bai Luoluo got the breakfast ready for Bai Nianjin early.

Today Bai Nianjin is going to the school to study by himself, but Bai Luoluo does not have any class, he already had the plan.

The cake with three layers had been ordered the day before yesterday. Bai Luoluo knew that he would not be able to finish it with Bai Nianjin, but he still chose such a big one. He wanted to let Bai Nianjin know that his birthday is not worse than others. He can eat a beautiful big cake and get his wish gift.

The system was still addicted to eat sunflower seeds. Bai Luoluo was envious to say: “You system is really good at eating sunflower seeds. Don’t you be afraid to get fat or hurt your teeth?”

The system was quiet for three seconds, and then said, “While we may become stupid.”

“Huh?!” said Bai Luoluo.

“You don’t know.” the system said, “If you take too many sunflower seeds, your IQ will go down…”

“Oh,” said Bai Luoluo, “it seems you often eat sunflower seeds.”

System: “…” It thought he was too soft on Bai Luoluo.

He put the cake on the table and went downstairs to buy a pile of dishes, intending to make a big meal.

After such a busy day, it was the end of the school day, and Bai Luoluo was a little antsy at home.

The system said, “It’s only a birthday. Why are you so nervous?”

“The first time was quite intense…” said Bai Luoluo.

System: “…”

Around twelve twenty, the sound of the door opening came over and Bai Luoluo quickly stood up and picked up the spray he had bought.

Bai Nianjin originally felt strange today that the teacher didn’t answer him. As he entered the sitting room, he was sprayed by the color bar full head.

“Happy Birthday!!!” Bai Luoluo’s voice rang in his ear.

The expression of Bai Nianjin froze.

Bai Luoluo said, “Come, come, put down your schoolbag. I have bought you a big cake. See if you like it.”

The cake is three-layer with beautiful carved flowers. The top layer is also painted “Bai Nianjin, happy birthday” and “16” are inserted beside the name.

Bai nianjin looked at the cake, almost in an instant, his tears fell down.

Bai Luoluo guessed Bai Nianjin would be very happy, but he did not think he will be happy to the point of falling tears. Bai Luoluo took several steps forward and embraced Bai Nianjin to wipe his tears with the hand. He sighed and said: “Why are you crying?”

Bai Nianjin no longer pretended to be strong at this time. He buried his head in Bai Luoluo’s arms and collapsed to cry.

Bai Luoluo also didn’t comfort him. He just patted on his back lightly with the hand to ease the mood of Bai Nianjin. In fact, Bai Luoluo knew he had been holding back, although Bai Luoluo was good to him, he always had a feeling of living under another’s roof. He was afraid to be thrown out. He dare not be pettish or capricious. He dare nor do what other kids do. But his mood towards Bai Luoluo just kept fermenting. Until this time, he was finally unable to hold on any more.

Bai Nianjin was in shiver, almost like to faint.

Bai Luoluo was worried. He kept touching his head.

Enough to cry for more than 10 minutes, Bai nianjin stopped and calmed down. He seemed a bit embarrassed with ears red and lowered his head dare not see Bai Luoluo.

“Go and sit on the sofa.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin slowly walked over and sat down obediently.

Bai Luoluo went to the toilet to get a towel, and then went to the kitchen to get water for Bai Nianjin, watching him wipe the marks on his face. He knew Bai Nianjin’s grievance and was also reluctant to let him suffer.

After finishing drinking water, Bai Nianjin said in a low voice: “Thank you, teacher.”

“Well, be good.” said Bai Luoluo, touching his head, “I have a birthday present for you.” He turned around to the table and brought a small black box.


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