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Fight for Peace and Love 28 (part 2)

Chapter 28 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 8 (part 2)

Bai Nianjin took over the box and seriously opened to see the gift Bai Luoluo sent to him. That was a beautiful smart phone. He didn’t know its brand, but he knew many students were using this brand, and the price was not cheap.

“Teacher…” Bai Nianjin just wanted to refuse, but he heard Bai Luoluo say, “Don’t refuse. After you make money, then slowly return to me.”

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo.

“You have a mobile phone. It’s convenient to contact me if you need anything.” he said.

Bai Nianjin nodded finally.

Then he inserted a SIM card to the new phone and entered his own number, “Here you go.” he laughed.

Bai Nianjin took it over .

“Come on, let’s eat the cake.” laughed Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin moved the vision to the three-layer cake above and said: “Can we finish eating such a big cake?”

Bai Luoluo said: “It doesn’t matter. My Nianjin is not inferior to others.”

Then he lit a candle and sang a birthday song to Bai Nianjin and finally let him make a wish.

Bai Luoluo didn’t know what wish Bai Nianjin made in the end. He only knew after making a wish, he turned his head to see him. Bai Luoluo thought faintly that his wish may have some relation with oneself.

After a few pieces of cake, the two began to eat their main meal.

The dishes on the table were all Bai Nianjin liked to eat. He directly started to eat without any hesitation.

All the time, Bai Luoluo wore an air of serenity. According to the system, with a halo on the top of his head, he would become a fairy.

This is Bai Nianjin’s first birthday since he was born. His mother hated him, so she was naturally impossible to celebrate his birthday. Even to his birthday every year, she would try to find him trouble. Bai Nianjin even remembered being forced to sleep outside for a few days last year at this time. He had no money to stay in a hotel and just lay on a park bench. Fortunately, the summer weather was not cold and he could just get through it.

The person who has tasted bitter with a little sugar touching the tip of the tongue can be sweet to the heart, and what Bai Luoluo gave him was a huge honey pot.

Bai Nianjin couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he lost Bai Luoluo.

When the meal was almost over, Bai Luoluo went to the kitchen and gave a bowl of long-lived noodles to Bai Nianjin. The golden eggs were fried on the rice-white noodles. The broth soup was with green scallions floating on it. Although it was not much, it smelled delicious.

Bai Nianjin ate the noodles and drank the soup. He looked down at his stomach and saw that his waistband was taut.

Bai Luoluo saw the action of Bai Nianjin and could not help stretching hand to pat at Bai Nianjin’s belly. Then he quickly held back the hand and pretended nothing had happened: “Don’t eat stuffed.”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

“Go and wash the dishes.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo and did not speak. He stood up and began to clean up the bowls and chopsticks.

Bai Luoluo said to the system quietly: “Bai Nianjin’s belly is very soft.”

System: “…”

“It feels so good.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “You’re committing a crime, you know.”

“I just patted at his belly and didn’t do anything else.” Bai Luoluo said.

The system said, “I just touch you, but I won’t get in.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Who actually programmed this system?

After the birthday, Bai Nianjin put all the energy on the study. He knew that study is the best shortcut to change his life. The children of the poor have always been in charge early, but they are forced to live.

With a blink of an eye, Bai Nianjin had come to Bai Luoluo’s home for a year.

This year, Bai Luoluo could not accept only one thing: Bai Nianjin was almost high as him.

When Bai Luoluo, who had risen one morning to make breakfast realized this, his mood was a little broken.

“That’s too fast, isn’t it?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “Shouldn’t you be happy since your son grows up?”

“Well,” said Bai Luoluo, “I feel a trace of sorrow and a trace of secret joy, and…”

“You liberal arts students are so talkative.” the system interrupted him.

What happened to the liberal arts students? The liberal arts students ate your rice?

According to the height trend of Bai Nianjin, he is going to be 1.9 meters.

But no matter what kind of mood Bai Luoluo was in, the tall man could not shrink back. And as he grew taller, his profile began to grow more sharply than it had in his boyhood toward a true adult. I have to say, this is a good-looking Bai Nianjin. What’s more, more and more people fell in love with him.

Once there was also a teacher who specifically asked for Bai Luoluo to complain, saying that the girls in their class didn’t think about learning and they actually had their heads full of how to plug Bai Nianjin after school. They said it was a good thing that Bai Nianjin and Bai Luoluo lived together, otherwise puppy love could affect his study.

Bai Luoluo did not reply, actually he thought the puppy love is normal. Learning is not so easily to be affected. And love needs experience. Speaking of fighting monsters, the heart of Bai Luoluo gave birth to a faint pain, because the reality is he is still a novice villagers…

Bai Nianjin’s situation was getting better and good things have happened to Bai Luoluo.

A female teacher in her office in her fifties insisted on trying to introduce a girl to him.

Bai Luoluo said, “No, no, no.” That female teacher said: “Teacher Li, don’t be embarrassed. Looking for a girlfriend is a good thing. My niece works in the government office. She is good-looking with good personality, but she has not met the right person. Don’t hesitate to refuse me, first have a chat with her?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Don’t bother.”

But the female teacher had a resolute attitude, finally Bai Luoluo could not refuse, so he had to first add her Wechat.

The female teacher said: “You don’t have class this weekend. You two can got out to have a dinner.”

There was no reason for his refusal and he could not say that he is too young to consider it. He thought to wait and see.

“I can not fall in love in this world.” said the Bai Luoluo, “If I do, I will be ruined.”

System: “You should control yourself.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

He had been on dates several times in real life, but his luck in love was so strange that on several occasions he had developed a crush on the girl who had set him up, and every time something went wrong. A girl suddenly went abroad Ah; a girl’s ex-boyfriend suddenly came back to find her; the most ridiculous thing was that the girl he fell in love with was suddenly addicted to pyramid scheme and disappeared for a year before coming back. Then his mother also gave up and said let it be or you go to get a surrogate to give me a grandchild.

Bai Luoluo was shocked.

For respecting the girl, he went to dress well.

On Saturday morning, he gave Bai Nianjin some pocket money and told him to eat out at noon.

“Where are you going, teacher?” Bai Nianjin asked.

“Nothing… I have something to do.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin narrowed his eyes and looked rather suspicious.

Bai Luoluo touched his nose and said: “I an going to have a blind date…”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

“Do you like the coat?” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin said coldly: “Good.”

Bai Luoluo feel this tone was too perfunctory. He guessed this was probably the teenager’s unease, then he comforted him: “It’s okay, I am not ready to find a girlfriend, don’t worry.”

Bai Nianjin was quiet for a while, suddenly je asked: “Did I delay you?”

Bai Luoluo: “No.”

Bai Nianjin said, “I see.”

Bai Luoluo was frightened by Bai Nianjin’s words. He said: “Nianjin, you do not misunderstand, you absolutely did not delay me. I am really not anxious.”

Bai Nianjin looked up at Bai Luoluo: “If you meet the right girl, will you get married?”

“… probably.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin said: “Then I bless you in advance.” He finished saying this sentence and carried the schoolbag to go out, leaving a cold figure to Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo was a little worried, because he felt that his response was not a sense of security performance, but what he should do to make Bai Nianjin have a sense of security. In this world, he will not marry any woman, because he came here only to change the fate of Bai Nianjin. It can be said that he was born for Bai Nianjin.

However, Bai Luoluo was not likely to tell this thing to Bai Nianjin. He can only use behavior to let Bai Nianjin know he will never leave him.

Bai Luoluo left with worry. He thought he should explain to Bai Nianjin tonight.


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