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Fight for Peace and Love 26 (part 2)

Chapter 26 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 6 (part 2)

Bai Nianjin agreed to live in his home, which let Bai Luoluo feel relieved. He no longer had to worry about that he would be stared or his drug-addicted mother would beat him. In fact, he felt grateful for her —— at least, she hadn’t given him drugs.

After the winter vacation, the new semester began. Before the start of the school, Bai Luoluo took Bai Nianjin to buy a lot of spring clothes.

Li Hansheng was the head teacher in the advanced class in the key senior high school, so the salary was not low, but he also consider marriage and children. Bai Luoluo had nothing to worry about, so he spent money very generously.

It is said that people rely on clothes. Bai Nianjin in new clothes was like a new person. Although his temperament was still with some indifference and alienation, he had been completely different.

Self-confidence had to be established from a young age. Bai Luoluo did not want to let Bai Nianjin feel inferior to others.

Bai Luoluo also took Bai Nianjin to change the hairstyle. Anyway in Bai Luoluo’s eyes, Bai Nianjin is as lovely as a little prince at this time.

With a new image appeared in the class, Bai Nianjin let many students feel surprised. There were some girls who have been very disgusted with Bai Nianjin actually blushed.

Bai Luoluo looked at Bai Nianjin and felt a little proud.

The new semester began with the exam. After the examination was Arts and Sciences Division

Bai Nianjin was good at Math, physics and chemistry. There was no doubt that choosing science is more appropriate. Only Bai Luoluo actually remembered that in the original world line, he majored in the liberal arts, because Li Hansheng is the liberal arts teacher, if he wants to read the science, he will certainly separate with Li Hansheng.

But the world did not want Bai Nianjin to make such a choice, because if he chose science, there will be more and better choices in the future.

This day after the examination, Bai Luoluo wanted to ask Bai Nianjin’s idea.

He was going to make dumplings for dinner, kneading the dough while talking to Nianjin.

Bai Nianjin in the living room was doing homework. He siad: “Teacher, I want to learn liberal arts.”

“Liberal arts? You are so good at math, physics and chemistry. Why should you study liberal arts?”

“I like liberal arts.” Bai Nianjin said.

He was simply lying with open eyes. Bai Luoluo could clearly remember this child almost fell asleep when reciting history books for several times.

“Do you like liberal arts?” said Bai Luoluo, “Do you know that you got sixty-nine scores on your history test?”

Bai Nianjin’s ears got red: “… that is because the exam was too difficult.”

“You are also not good at geography.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin said a little angrily: “My geography ranks the top 30.”

“But your total grade ranks the top twenty-one…” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin: “…”

Bai Luoluo almost finished kneading the dough, and began to chop the stuffing. He didn’t like the meat cut by the machine. It’s too pink and ruins the flavor.

“Right? I know why you want to study liberal arts. I already brought you home to live with me, and you’re afraid you won’t see me every day?”

Bai Nianjin paused.

Bai Luoluo tried to appeal to his emotions while cutting meat mince. He said that learning the science is good to find a job.

Bai Nianjin listened to Bai Luoluo and didn’t speak anything until the boiled dumpling was served on the table. He said: “Teacher, then why didn’t you study science at the beginning?”

“Do you think I don’t want to learn? I wa not good at the chemistry. If I really went to learn science, can you see me today?”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

Bai nianjin’s words poked into the wounds of Bai Luoluo. He remembered the pain when he was in the Division of Arts and Sciences. He really liked science, but his grades were not good. His mother also lied to him that there are more girls in liberal arts. But he was actually addicted to study and refused the puppy love. As a result, he hasn’t been married until now. His family could accept the puppy love, but as a result, he is still missing the kindergarten’s kid with big penis.

“You have to learn science.” said Bai Luoluo, “If you don’t study science, I’ll give you braised pig brains every day.”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

“Without salt.” said Bai Luoluo darkly.

Bai Nianjin pursed his lips and said: “Good.”

Gastrodia elata braised pig brain, Bai Nianjin just ate once but opened the door of the new world. He had thought he could eat everything. But once he ate this thing, he discovered what is called the taboo couldn’t be touched in your life. That flavor was too terrible.

Bai Luoluo felt satisfied. He picked up the dumpling and dipped a bit of seasoning to eat. There were pork and cabbage dumplings and beef and celery dumplings, both of them were very delicious.

Withe the care of Bai Luoluo, Bai Nianjin can eat two jins of dumplings. He did not know how she can eat them in such young age.

The dumplings were thin-skinned and filled with large fillings. When they were covered with hot gravy, the mouth would be filled with the aroma of meat and the soft glutinous flour.

Bai Luoluo also liked to eat dumplings, whose mother made dumplings more delicious than him, but in recent years, Bai Luoluo was also reluctant to let his mother work too hard.

Several large plates of dumplings were easily solved by them, then Bai Nianjin washed the dishes as usual.

Bai Luoluo crumpled on the sofa, feeling that he had lived the married life he had expected.

The system said, “Married life? Where’s your wife?”

Bai Luoluo looked at his hands and said, “Here…”

System: “…” Yes, Five-fingers girl.

It’s Saturday. Students can have a rest without class.

But after washing the dishes, Bai Nianjin went consciously into the bedroom ready to read books. In order to create a reading environment for him, Bai Luoluo also deliberately went to buy the desk, chair and lamp. At this time, Bai Nianjin’s bedroom was his study.

The Television was broadcasting the news, and Bai Luoluo was chatting with the system as he ate sunflower seeds.

The system said Bai Nianjin’s mom went to jail again, and Bai Luoluo said, “you did it?” The system said he hadn’t done anything.

It turned out that after the last time in prison, Bai Nianjin’s mother became the monitoring subject of the police. In order to raise drug capital in the past two days, she tried to risk her life to carry drugs. However, she was caught by the police. Although she didn’t have the drugs on her body, she was implicated, and it was said that she had to be in the jail for at least a year or two.

“She deserved it.” Bai Luoluo said.

The system said, “I agree.”

Bai Luoluo began to doze off while watching TV. Bai Nianjin asked him to go to the bedroom to sleep.

“I am not sleeping.” said Bai Luoluo,”I am watching TV.”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

Then he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he was covered with a blanket.

Bai Luoluo wiped his face and said, “What time is it?”

The system said, “Are you awake? Bai Nianjin has gone to college.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

The system said, “Oh, it’s 10:30.”

Bai Luoluo got up to take a look at Bai Nianjin and found that he was still watching TV, then he went to wash his face and went to bed. Bai Luoluo had a healthy and regular routine that he can hardly keep his eyes open beyond eleven o’clock in his own world.

After washing, Bai Luoluo lay down on the bed and said, “Good night, system.”

The system said, “Good night.”

The next day the students began to fill in the liberal arts and science application forms. Bai Luoluo carefully checked the forms and found Bai Nianjin’s name was on the form of the liberal arts.

“What if the children don’t listen to me?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said: “The child is mostly useless, beat him.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

He went to the classroom with sullen facial expression and called out Bai Nianjin. He put the application form in front of Bai Nianjin.

“Bai Nianjin, ” Bai Luoluo said, “don’t act on impulse. You have your own life, you can’t always follow with me.”

Bai Nianjin lowered his eyes.

“You did so well in science.” said Bai Luoluo, “Tell me why do you insist on studying the arts. Don’t tell me you like the arts.”

“I want you to be my head teacher.” Bai Luoluo said.

“What about going to the college?” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin pursed his lips.

“Nianjin, you can choose liberal arts, but you have to remember that you have to be responsible for your life, ad there is no opportunity for you to regret.

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo, and he was sure that the teacher was a little angry.

“Teacher,” Finally Bai Nianjin took a step back. He said, “I was wrong, I choose science.”

Bai Luoluo said OK and found a new form for him. He couldn’t let Bai Nianjin rely on him too much. He wanted to let Bai Nianjin know that besides him, there are many people can give him warmth in this world.

Although these warm needs to be felt by himself.


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