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Sunset Boulevard 20

Chapter 20

Zhang Jue was wearing the short sleeves Chen Boqiao had given him, sitting on a chair, and quietly bowing his head.

His hair was curled a little, and was loosely tied with a few strands hanging down his cheek. His body exuding the aroma of two different pheromone-mixed shower gels, one of which was the smell of Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao had already eaten, so he sat and looked at Zhang Jue.

He looked at Zhang Jue’s whole body, but he didn’t find many traces of sex, only his pale face and red lips, like residual evidence that had not been destroyed.

Zhang Jue’s sexual moans were very small. Most of the time, he kept quiet. His tongue was soft, and her legs were long, and she would stare at Chen Boqiao when he was at orgasm. He disliked the back position, but any front position he would cooperate.

It may be found that Chen Boqiao’s eyes have been staying on himself, Zhang Jue looked up at Chen Boqiao.

The two stared at each other for a second. Chen Boqiao didn’t speak, and Zhang Jue never says anything. He lowered his head again, slowly eating.

Zhang Jue was very reluctant to mention what happened last night. His body language and facial expressions, and the way of speaking all pointed to this.

He was even more afraid than Chen Boqiao to mention that they had sex, which made Chen Boqiao somewhat regretful.

He regretted to say too much at the lover hotel.

In fact, a person like Zhang Jue who was too self-aware, and has low self-esteem, and did not express at all. It does not need to be reminded. Even if Chen Boqiao says nothing, Zhang Jue will shrink back faster than anyone else.

He may give a generous gift when Chen Boqiao gets married, and goes to a place far away from the wedding scene to peek, and hold something that Chen Boqiao gave him, and keep secret news photos, but he will not hot pursuit

What Chen Boqiao said in the hotel was too cruel for Zhang Jue. It’s also unnecessary and meaningless.

Zhang Jue did not finish a bowl of porridge, and Ai Jiaxi called him back. Zhang Jue picked up his mobile phone and put it in his ear. Ai Jiaxi was so noisy there, even Chen Boqiao heard it, although he couldn’t hear the specific words.

Ai Jiaxi spoke for a long time before Zhang Jue spoke. Zhang Jue said, ” If you don’t want to go, just don’t go.”

Then Ai Jiaxi started to chant again. After a while, Zhang Jue said, “Okay.” After a few seconds, he said, “I peeled a lot for you.”

Chen Boqiao heard it. Ai Jiaxi was still minded the shrimp.

Zhang Jue coaxed Ai Jiaxi like a kid: “Peel as much as you want.”

The Ai Jiaxi’s ambiguous voice from the earpiece sounded very proud. Zhang Jue whispered, “No, my hands would not hurt.”

Then, there was no sound. After a while, Zhang Jue told Ai Jiaxi: “It’s coming … I must be with you for your birthday.”

Chen Boqiao listened to Zhang Jue said a lot of what Ai Jiaxi wanted to hear, and Ai Jiaxi allowed Zhang Jue to hang up.

Ended the call, Zhang Jue shut down the phone, and took a sip of porridge, and suddenly said to Chen Boqiao, “It’s cooked well.”

“It’s hard to cook fast food badly,” Chen Boqiao said straightforwardly.

Zhang Jue stirred the porridge with a spoon and said, “It can be cooked badly.”

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue and thought of the person who had just called. He paused and asked, “Ai Jiaxi?”

Zhang Jue had a few smiles in his eyes. He nodded and said, “Each time you bring it to me without boiling it.”

Chen Boqiao didn’t speak for a long time. Zhang Jue thought that the topic was over, and lowered his head, and planning to continue to drink porridge. Chen Boqiao called his name, and he looked up quickly.

“Why Ai Jiaxi retired?” Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue, “He doesn’t look like she willing to  retire.”

“He is unwilling to retire,” Zhang Jue said honestly. “His parents knew the condition of my glands and thought we were inappropriate. But I couldn’t make sense to she. So did my parents, and felt sorry for his family. I finally persuaded them to stay.”

“Really, it is difficult to persuade?” Chen Boqiao said arbitrarily.

“Well,” Zhang Jue looked at his remaining porridge, and said, “I have been persuading for a long time. It is not impossible that we have been togeter, but in case she meets someone really likes in the future.”

Chen Boqiao found Zhang Jue’s statement was a bit interested. After thinking about it for a while, he asked Zhang Jue ruthlessly: “Don’t you like anyone?”

Zhang Jue slowly put down his spoon, and raised his face, and remained silent for a long while.

Chen Boqiao looked into Zhang Jue’s eyes, and the second regret in a day appeared much faster than he expected.

Zhang Jue’s eyes were a bit red, and his face had no expression. Maybe he was tired last night or in a bad mood.

Chen Boqiao was not a person who often makes decisions based on his instincts. He was accustomed to analysis thoroughly and keeps distance from people to avoid unnecessary troubles, but except with Zhang Jue.

He deliberately provoked Zhang Jue without thinking too much, but he was not willing to let Zhang Jue show such a sad expression.

Otherwise, he will not lie to Zhang Jue that he does not mind the smoke at all.

Chen Boqiao wanted to change the subject, but it was too late, Zhang Jue already spoke.

“I’m different,” Zhang said.

Chen Boqiao looked that Zhang Jue looked at the empty space embarrassed and reluctant. Chen Boqiao rarely felt soft.

But Zhang Jue should have misunderstood that Chen Boqiao was persuading him that  the sea of pain is boundless. He always thought of Chen Boqiao was good, so Zhang Jue said to Chen Boqiao, “I said that, you needn’t care about me. “

Zhang Jue gave himself up as hopeless, and his lips were still red, and his eyes moved around. Facing Chen Boqiao, Zhang Jue had no temper and was not lonely, but he was not clever, and would not confess or told lies to someone.

Although he can’t remember it. He pushed back according to the current situation of Zhang Jue, Chen Boqiao can also think that Zhang Jue’s confession can only be after blocked himself and say “I like you”.

The number of people who confessed to Chen Boqiao was so many that he didn’t even spend time alone. From the ski lifts in the Roche Winter Campus to the art installation gallery in the Summer Campus. Chen Boqiao was stopped in every slightly romantic place, and didn’t knows to choose which one.

Zhang Jue was so simple and ordinary, how could he attract attention.

At the age of 18, Chen Boqiao listened patiently, and refused patiently, and then forgot it.

And Zhang Jue smoking.

But when Chen Boqiao was twenty-nine years old, he thought Zhang Jue back, who was seventeen or eighteen years old, should also be quite interesting. He easily liked a person who doesn’t like him, and then lives stupidly for over ten years.

Chen Boqiao suddenly remembered the day when he was being judged in the Asian Union and Zhang Jue stood among the mercenaries.

This was the first time that he saw the forest and the blue sky. Since Chen Boqiao has been in prison for half a year and he has seen the forest and the blue sky.

Chen Boqiao was jailed twice a week in prison, and often hit face-to-face by bright lights. Sitting on a chair for ten hour can’t eat anything, and repeating the same answer. Even closing his eyes, and after returning to the cell, he also has to adapt for a long time to see things clearly.

Sometimes there were executions at night. Chen Boqiao would sleep a bit late. He also thought about his father. It was inconvenient to pass the news in the prison, and Chen Boqiao had not seen a picture of his father’s funeral so far. However, in the live video of Chen Zhaoyan was shot, the interrogator put a lot for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao fought many hard battles and made good preparations before he was put in prison, but the life in the fifth prison still exhausted him.

He was fighting hard when he was present at the trial, he was not shocked when he was sentenced to death, and even smiled at the reporter’s camera, and made a relaxed look.

But he knew very well that he was really relaxed only when he found that the plan was disrupted and saw Zhang Jue and the helicopter.

Zhang Jue was a man living in the shadow of Chen Boqiao’s eighteen-year-old.

Those who haven’t got along well with him can’t imagine how easily he was cheated. Sometimes Zhang Jue was so slow that Chen Boqiao couldn’t bear to say. Sometimes he would lie just in order to kiss again.

As if Zhang Jue took a one-month transitional holiday that brings Chen Boqiao who had been imprisoned for a long time back to modern society.

“Okay, don’t worry,” Chen Boqiao said easily, “I won’t care about you in the future.”

Zhang Jue agreed with an “um”, and seemed to be relieved, and thought a while, and said, “Chen Boqiao.”

When he called Chen Boqiao he was  actually touching, because he looked at Chen Boqiao seriously and spoke slowly with his lips. He said to Chen Boqiao: Everything is my will. You don’t need to…”

Zhang Jue stopped, and suddenly bowed his head, as if he thought that what he was thinking was ridiculous, and smiled embarrassedly with his lips, and then whispered to himself, “You won’t.”

Zhang Jue always said half a word. Chen Boqiao didn’t know whether Zhang Jue wanted to say “you don’t need to be responsible” or “you don’t need to feel guilty.”

But these were the same meaning.

Chen Boqiao looked at Zhang Jue and felt that Zhang Jue was suitable for a crash course, learning how to pursue without thoughts. For example, crying, arguing, and hanging, or how to force marriage behind becoming pregnant.

Regardless of whether it can succeed in the end, it was always a pity to fail to try.

“If I could,” Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue, “what do you do?”

Zhang Jue took a look at Chen Boqiao, and thought for a moment, and said to Chen Boqiao, “Don’t say that.” Zhang Jue’s eyes were quiet, and nothing was unwilling. He didn’t seem to be touched by Chen Boqiao’s Hope, but also did not mean to fight, he said: “I dare not.”

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