Fight for Peace and Love 19

Chapter 19 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 19 “Have you heard a story?” “What story?” “You know the weasel?” “Yes…” “The weasel, also known as yellow skin, if you provoke it, it will get into your belly and hollow out your internal organs, and then live instead of you.” “…” “Are you afraid?” “…”Continue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 19”

Fight for Peace and Love 18

Chapter 18 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 18 Mao Jiu cried while fucking Bai luoluo. If only looking at the expression, maybe everyone will think Mao Jiu is the person who was bullied miserablely. Bai Luoluo lay dying in his bed, and all he could see was white light. He had no strength left,Continue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 18”

Fight for Peace and Love 15

Chapter 15 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 15 After finishing applying the makeup, Mao Jiu let the two men leave and went out with Bai Luoluo. When they reached the back garden entrance, Mao Jiu let the guards get away and went with Bai Luoluo into the imperial garden alone. The palanquin in whichContinue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 15”

Fight for Peace and Love 14

Chapter 14 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 14 Mao Jiu brought the best medicine to Bai Luoluo. That medicine was ambiguous pink, still spreading sweet and greasy aroma, Bai Luoluo looked at the ointment a little suspiciously, so first put a little on his chest wound. Fortunately, Mao Jiu did not cheat Bai Luoluo.Continue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 14”

Fight for Peace and Love 13

Chapter 13 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 13 Bai Luoluo was placed on a soft bed. Bai Luoluo’s nose was full of beautiful aroma, Mao Jiu’s voice rang beside Bai Luoluo, he called him, master. The red covering was lifted, and Bai Luoluo saw the wedding room which belonged to him and Mao Jiu.Continue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 13”

Fight for Peace and Love 12

Chapter 12 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 12 Bai Luoluo strongly suspects that humans have done something to the system in the past that caused it to be so hostile to him. Bai Luoluo was bitten to cry and finally confirmed the identity of the person holding him behind his back. “Mao Jiu, isContinue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 12”

Fight for Peace and Love 10

Chapter 10 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 10 In the twenty-fourth year of the reign of Jianguang, The emperor died and Su Wang inherited the throne. He changed the reign to Yong’an. During the reign, he had been diligent in his work, knew people well and loved the people frugally. He was regarded asContinue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 10”

Fight for Peace and Love 9

Chapter 9 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 9 The mutiny of Wangye is a great event in any dynasty. Bai Luoluo did not know why Xin Wang in the original world line did not lead a mutiny, but now things had happened, to struggle with the reason was obviously unnecessary. The palace was surrounded,Continue reading “Fight for Peace and Love 9”

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