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Fight for Peace and Love 23 (part 2)

Chapter 23 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 3 (part 2)

Recently the system got Matcha flavor sunflower seeds, so it ate them day and night. Bai Luoluo couldn’t help but went to the supermarket to buy some sunflower seeds to eat and give to other teachers by the said.

But he doesn’t eat sunflower seeds today because he has mouth sores. It’s nice that the system will never get sick. Bai Luoluo told this idea to the system and then it disdained to say, you don’t know that a few systems were complained by the hosts because of eating sunflower seeds…

“Really?” said Bai Luoluo, “Can I complain?”

System: “Dear, what do you want to complain about me?”

“No,” said Bai Luoluo, “I’m just asking.”

Then the system asked Bai Luoluo not to complain him with a heavy tone of pleadings. It said the system is very tragic, if it is complained, it will be formatted, so you have to use the complaint function with caution.

“Well,” said Bai Luoluo, “I will certainly be careful with it.”

The system said, “Dear, I love you so much, kiss me.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Where did you learn that accent of Taobao’s services?

After each monthly exam, the head teacher will find some students to have a heart-to-heart talk to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their subjects and give some suggestions to them.

The results of Bai Nianjin kept in the usual level, but Bai Luoluo still called Bai Nainjin to ask if he has some learning confusion. Though Bai Luoluo spoke most of the time alone, he could feel a change in his attitude — a good sign that finally he won’t refuse his concern, which means Bai Luoluo can further care for him.

It was November when Bai Luoluo came here, and he had familiarized himself with life here before the final examination.

At the end of the semester, the atmosphere in school became tense, and teachers tried everyting to squeeze time and assign more homework so that students may do better on the final exam.

Bai Luoluo also did not approach Bai Nianjin deliberately. He just brought breakfast as usual and sometimes after the evening self-study, he took Bai Nianjin to eat some night snack. When he saw his shoes was broken, he bought him a few pairs of cotton shoes quietly.

The system said that Bai Luoluo is like a long-legged uncle, who protects Bai Nianjin to grow up.

Bai Luoluo said who would not like to see such a lovely child grow up well.

The system said, “Well, you know, a couple of guys had failed on this mission.”

The system said this when Bai Luoluo Luo was cutting vegetables. He was stunned: “Ah? How can they fail?”

The system said “I don’t know exactly, but Luoluo, you’re a really good person.”

Bai Luoluo thought the system was speaking in a strange tone, but he didn’t think much of it and cut the turnip in half. He was going to cut some turnips and stew them with beef, and take them to school for Bai Nianjin tomorrow.

The next day, Bai Nianjin ate the beef braised by Bai Luoluo, but Bai Luoluo gave him to eat secretly. The child stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth in the office, and his cheeks bulged.

Bai Luoluo said: “Hush, I bring this for you secretly, don’t say to other people.”

“Thanks, teacher.” Bai Nianjin swallowed the meat, and then was a little choked with his eyes flashing tears.

Bai Luoluo thought the child is so hard that he can cry when eat a piece of beef, then he gently said: “Eat slowly, no one will rob it from you.”

Bai Luoluo told Bai Nianjin to study hard for the final exam again.

“I will.” said Bai Nianjin. The final exam results are tied to the scholarship. If he failed, the next semester’s tuition will be a problem. High School is no longer compulsory education, and although he is a poor student in the school as having a large reduction in tuition fees, he still has to pay some.

Bai Nianjin’s mouth was full of the taste of beef. As he walked to the classroom, all he thought was Li Hansheng’s smile at him. The teacher should still be very young, with a pair of glasses, he looks gentle and cultured. Bai Nianjin does not know why he should be so good to himself, perhaps just because he is his student? Also right, teacher Li is gentle to everyone. Bai Nianjin felt a little gloomy.

It was snowing heavily on the day of the final examination.

Bai Luoluo took off his coat and sat down at his desk to supervise the examination. Students rarely take the exam in their own class. Bai Nianjin should be upstairs.

It was too boring to supervise the examination, so Bai Luoluo chatted with the system. The system told stories it had seen before to Bai Luoluo while it ate sunflower seeds, some touching, some bloody, even a horror story.

The system said, “Holy shit, you don’t know that world is really scary.”

“How terrible?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “My host was scared shitless at least three times.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

The system said sadly: “He did not survive and died at last.”

Bai Luoluo was not particularly afraid of horror movies. When he went to watch movies with his roommates in school, his roommates held his hand and trembled, while he remained impassive the whole time. After he came out of the cinema, a few of his roommates also said that they all thought that Bai Luoluo would be frightened.

“Just so so. Are you scared to death?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “Yeah, no one in that world has ever succeeded, alas…”

Bai Luoluo found that the civil service is also difficult.

Then the system said something about their development history and he felt more and more mysterious. He asked the system: “You were not developed by humans of the Earth?”

The system said, “No, we immigrated here.”

“Oh…” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said proudly: “You earth people still want to invent us? That is impossible.”

Bai Luoluo understood. He just thought these systems are less like human. Now he thinks they must be a new species…

They deepened the understanding to each other.

After the examination, the students are ready for their winter vacation.

Winter vacation is not long, but there are a lot of homework, so students are painful and happy at the same time. The good students in the class begins to pick up the books they wants to take home. As he watches them, he thinks that you’re not going to read them..

Bai Nianjin is also gathering up his things. His schoolbag is very big, while he is quite small. Bai Luoluo is a bit afraid that the schoolbag will burden him to the ground.

So Bai Luoluo made an excuse and called Bai Nianjin to sit on the back seat of his bicycle.

Bai Nianjin appeared to be a little hesitant when Bai Luoluo said he wants to send him home. He moved his lips and did not say any words in the end.

It stopped snowing that day. Bai Luoluo was afraid of Bai Nianjin being too cold, so he rode very fast. Bai Nianjin in the back seat carefully held Bai Luoluo’s waist.

The body temperature of Bai Luoluo spread to Bai Nianjin through the clothes. He felt as if he was in a dream, so he even dare not breathe too loudly for being afraid of waking up.

How many times did Bai Nianjin hope someone to take him back home? But no one had ever offered him an umbrella, no matter it was raining or snowing heavily. He had to carry a heavy bag and slowly went back to the cold room.

Bai Luoluo rode more than ten minutes and then arrived at the Bai Nianjin’s residence.

It had been snowing recently, and snow had accumulated on the roofs of the places where he lives. Most of the houses here are in a state of disrepair, so he even worried that the places would be crushed under the snow.

“I’m here.” Bai Nianjin got off the bike and said to Bai Luoluo, “Thank you, teacher, go back.”

Bai Luoluo hesitated for a moment, but picked up the bag of Bai Nianjin. He said: “I send you upstairs.”

“No, you don’t need to do that.” Bai Nianjin was a bit nervous.

“Nothing.” He patted at Bai Nianjin’s head and smiled, “This bag is too heavy, let’s go.”

Bai Nianjin bit his lips and walked forward slowly. He hoped the road would never end, because he didn’t want his teacher to see his home.

However, five minutes later, he still reached the house. When he noticed the lights in the room, Bai Nianjin’ face got more pale.

What’s wrong with this kid? Bai Luoluo heard some ambiguous voices far away. As an adult, he is naturally very familiar to these voices. For a moment, he had the idea of beating her mother again — he knew there is only one room and one hall in his house. Apparently, his mother didn’t shut up the door of the bedroom when she did those things, most probably in the presence of Bai Nianjin…

“Nainjin,” Bai Luoluo really could not stand him to enter into such a house. He gently said, “how about sleeping in my house today? I can make you delicious food today.”

Bai Nianjin glanced at Bai Luoluo and said nothing.

Bai Luoluo bent down and took up his cold hand, then asked in a warm voice: “Okay?”

Bai Nianjin looked down at his wet shoes and nodded slightly.

At last, with a sigh of relief, he said to the system, “It seems like you’re going to get me another sack.”

The system said coldly: “Just call a police to let his mother enter in the police office.”

Bai Luoluo felt that the system was making a lot of sense that it was wrong to beat people. As the successor to socialism, he should learn to use the weapon of law to protect the flowers of his motherland.

The author has something to say:

Bai Luoluo: I don’t have a little brother, I only have a big brother.

Fight for Peace and Love 23 (part 1)

Chapter 23 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 3 (part 1)

Bai Luoluo can only hear the voice of a few young people.

“Didn’t you steal my money?” someone shouted, “You usually wear so dirty, if you did not steal my money, how can you have money to change clothes?”

The words gave Bai Luoluo a bad feeling.

Sure enough, someone called out a a name Bai Luoluo did not want to hear, “Bai Nianjin, you fucking speak, ah, cat got your tongue?”

“I’ve been mad at the world in a week more than in a year in real life.” Bai Luoluo rolled his sleeves and said to the system.

The system said, “Calm down.”

Bai Luoluo ignored the system and strode to the corner of the stairs.

“They’re just kids.” the system said.

So children can bully others as their wishes, right?

The system then completed the following sentence: “Don’t let them go.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

The system said: “Just beat them, but be careful, or it is not easy to explain.”

Bai Luoluo began to wonder if there is something wrong with the system, but before he could figure it out, he was already at the corner of the stairs.

He saw a few students standing at the corner of the stairs. They are all from the class of Bai Luoluo. One of them even is the class committee.

Bai Luoluo got more angry. He took a few steps forward and said: “What are you doing?”

They are all students in Grade 1 from high school, who is not brave enough. As they saw the teacher, they immediately panicked and called teacher Li in shiver, daring not say anything.

Bai Nianjin is surrounded by several people in the most inside. As he saw Bai Luoluo come, he still kept silent. On the contrary, people around him started to complain.

“Teacher, I lost a thousand RMB.” The student who spoke is Han Ruida, the publicity commissioner of Bai Luoluo’s class. He is handsome, good at sports, and could draw. He is very popular in Bai Luoluo’s class, who is a stark contrast to Bai Nianjin.

“Have you lost your money?” said Bai Luoluo, “What does this have to do with Bai Nianjin?”

“When I went to have the gym class, the money was still there.” Han Ruida sounded unsure, but insisted to say, “But Nianjin asked for leave that day and left in the classroom alone.”

“So with that you say that he stole your money?” Bai Luoluo said.

Han Ruida also knows that he is a bit rude, but Bai Nianjin is the most suspicious person, and the more he looked at Bai Nianjin these days, the more suspicious he felt he is. He said: “The result is that not a few days later, Bai Nianjin changed new clothes, which are apparently brand goods, How can he afford to buy?”

Bai Luoluo looked at Bai Nianjin and did not plan to take this matter to ask, but continued to ask Han Ruida: “When did you lose your money?”

“That’s Tuesday.” Han Ruida said.

Bai Luoluo counted the time and said, “A thousand RMB is a lot of money. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t want to bother the teacher.” Han Ruida grumbled.

“What’s the trouble with that?” said Bai Luoluo, “since you remember when you lost the money, there are cameras in the classroom with videos within a week. Are you in a hurry to go home? If you’re not in a hurry, go with me to see the monitor.” He did not defend Bai Nianjin from beginning to end, but he was very confident, because he knew that Bai nianjin would never do such a thing.

Hearing that, Han Ruida nodded and said, “OK, teacher, I’ll go with you.”

Bai Luoluo said: “OK, Bai Nianjin, you also come with us. As for you guys, it’s so late, why don’t you go home to study? Be careful I will do a home visit.”

The other students realized that Bai Luoluo does not want to blame them, the they said goodbye to him and quickly left and cast a sympathetic look to Han Ruida.

“Let’s go.” said Bai Luoluo.

On the said to the monitoring room, they did not speak anything. Han Ruida is a little regret at this time and said he should not secretly find Bai Nianjin.

Bai Luoluo did not answer him, but said, “Wait till you watch the monitor.”

Once in the monitoring room, Bai Luoluo asked the security guard to play the video, and then went back to the day Han Ruida said.

The 40-minute gym class was over soon, and Han Ruida’s questions were also answered. During the entire gym class, Bai Nianjin never left his seat, and he alsaids lay prone there, as if he was not comfortable. It was clear from the monitoring that Bai Nianjin never went to Han Ruida’s position, and certainly not stealing from him like Han Ruida thought.

Han Ruida looked at the monitor and his face went red. He mumbled something to Bai Nianjin and said he is sorry.

Bai Luoluo said: “This thing is Han Ruida’s fault. How can go to casually suspect others even if you lost money? Have you heard the story that ‘Smart People suspects His neighbour’?”

Han Ruida said, “Teacher, I was wrong…”

Bai Luoluo patted at Han Ruida’s head: “I also can not help you, you must see if Bai Nianjin is willing to forgive you.”

Han Ruida apologized for more times, then Bai Nianjin slowly nodded his head: “Nothing.”

Bai Luoluo can not see the child is bullied, especially his beloved Bai Nianjin. He said: “Han Ruida, What about you to be on duty instead of Bai Nianjin this semester, as compensation to Bai Nianjin?”

Han Ruida said yes.

“And remember to make it clear to your friends that it is very serious to slander a person for stealing. If I didn’t meet you today to clear up the misunderstanding, think how sad Bai Nianjin would be.” he added.

Han Ruida kept silent.

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo as he taught Han Ruida. He is really good-looking, Bai Nianjin thought, he has never seen such a good-looking person. It’s like an angel in a novel that makes him feel like he’s defiling him just by looking at him more.

Li Hansheng’s appearance is really good, but also not so good in Bai Nianjin’s eyes. At this time, Bai Luoluo does not know, in Bai Nainjin’s mind, he has become a fairy with a pair of wings sending out the holy light.

“Come on.” said Bai Luoluo.” Where do you live in?”

Han Ruida and Bai Nianjin both said where they live. Bai Luoluo first called a taxi for Han Ruida, as he was about to call for Bai Nianjin, he suddenly remembered something. He said: “Nianjin, Have you had dinner yet?”

“Yes.” said Bai Nianjin.

Bai Luoluo sighed. He knew Bai Nianjin will say he has eaten something even if he didn’t. He said: “I am hungry, can you have a midnight snack with me?”

Bai Nianjin opened his mouth, and finally spit out a word “OK”.

At the school gate, there are many stalls selling snacks, where Bai Luoluo thought a rice-flour noodles stewed in earthen pot is simply delicious to the point of explosion. He almost comes to eat here every night after the evening self-study.

Bai Luoluo ordered two big bowls of rice-flour noodles with beef and said with a smile: “Here the portion is very sufficient, do not insist if you can not eat all of them.”

Bai Nianjin nodded your head.

Bai Luoluo looked at his well-behaved appearance and felt very gratified in the heart. He said to the system: “I once also dreamed to have a younger sister.. or a younger brother.”

The system said, “Your brother’s (here ‘brother’ means ‘dick’) in your pants.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

The system said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Bai Luoluo felt this system is very suspicious. At this time, rice-flour noodles was served on the table, he did not quarrel with the system anymore and showed a happy expression after take a sip of soup.

Bai Luoluo turned his head to Bai Nianjin: “Eat while hot.”

The they started to eat. It is really delicious and the beef is soft and juicy, which even do not need to be chewed in the mouth. The rice noodles is dipped in a special bone soup with green vegetables on it, which soaked the soup but is still crisp and refreshing.

Sweat streamed down Bai Luoluo’s face. He felt that the life is extremely happy.

Bai Nianjin really did not eat dinner. He even almost finished drinking the sou. He looks very lovely for his no blood-colored face floating crimson.

Although Bai Nianjin’s living conditions are not good from childhood, the genes of his parents placed there, as long as he can gain the nutrition, his appearance will be absolutely beautiful sooner or later.

Bai Luoluo looked at him and thought he must protect Bai Nianjin so that his bastard mother will not toss about him again.

After eating, Bai Luoluo called a taxi to let the driver send Bai Nianjin back home. He also told him to study hard and he will help him with everything.

Bai Nianjin said in a small voice, “Thank you, teacher.”

“Be good,” said Bai Luoluo, “Go.”

Bai Nianjin nodded and got on the car.

Bai Luoluo looked at the taxi going far asaid, the he took the bicycle to go home.

When he got home, Bai Luoluo turned on the heater and took a shower, then lay down on the bed to start to write something. He felt a little sleepy and yawned to ask the system how about Bai Nianjin’s mother.

The system disdained to say: “She is still taking drugs.”

“Oh…” he said, thinking his mother would change after he threatened her. Actually, there are very few cases of drug addicts coming back to life.

After a few days, Bai Luoluo paid attention to Han Ruida for being afraid of he will find Bai Nianjin privately. But what he didn’t expect was that Han Ruida found him one afternoon and told him that the money had been found in the middle of the bag. He said this with a blush on his face.

Bai Luoluo breathed a sigh of relief and thought that he is indeed a bit too nervous. They are all children, whose heart can’t be too bad.

Then in Bai Luoluo’s surprise, Han Ruida seems to have made friends with Bai Nianjin because of this thing, even after the monthly test, Han Ruida and Bai Nianjin sat together.

“The boy has made friends at last.” said Bai Luoluo, “Papa is so happy.”

The system said, “Click, Click, Click, Click, yes.”

Sunset Boulevard 18

Chapter 18

Despite Chen Boqiao’s explanation, Zhang Jue still concerned about the phrase “Chen Boqiao is the most annoying to smoke.” On the way back to the safe house, he kept the windows open, and fear that the smell of smoke on his body was too strong. Chen Boqiao was not used to it.

In the afternoon, he was bored and uncomfortable in Pei Shu’s reception room. He saw an ashtray outside the floor-to-ceiling window, and went to the car to get cigarettes and a lighter, and goes outside to smoke.

His tobacco was the first time when he was in estrus and had no medicine. At that time, he would try anything as long as he could divert even the slightest attention, and among the things he tried, only smoking was addictive.

However, Ai Jiaxi has a lot of opinions on this thing. So after found a sedative inhibitor, Zhang Jue deliberately abstained, and would not remember to smoke until a special moment.

Stood in Pei Shu’s villa and waited for Chen Boqiao to go downstairs was one of Zhang Jue’s special moments.

Chen Boqiao knocked on the car window. Zhang Jue’s split vision crossed the Chen Boqiao to see Pei Shu, and he was absent-minded a moment, then involuntarily recalled the evening when he confessed to Chen Boqiao.

In the locker room of rowing meeting.

Chen Boqiao skillfully said some euphemisms perfunctory. Zhang Jue had to go out muddleheadedly.

As he walked past the other row of lockers, he looked at Pei Shu, who was leaning over to change shoes.

Immediately Pei Shu’s expression became subtle, with a little surprise. It’s probably he did not expect that a lonely and out-of-group person like Zhang Jue would also say some sour words to Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue never stayed long, and walked quickly, and when he opened the locker room door, he heard Pei Shu jokingly relaxed at Chen Boqiao behind him.

Pei Shu said, “Isn’t that Zhang Jue… You’re fine. Boqiao.”

Zhang Jue pushed the door and went out, but he did not hear Chen Boqiao’s answer.

The memories of seventeen-year-old often become the cause of Zhang Jue’s inexplicable anxiety. Zhang Jue conceived many expressions of Chen Boqiao that he did not see and responded to Pei Shu in the locker room. Helpless, slightly disdainful, mocking, perhaps Chen Boqiao was simply expressionless.

It’s because that Zhang Jue was nothing to Chen Boqiao.

Zhang Jue stood by the shore, watching the wind in the pool, smoking one by one. He wanted to finish the rest of his cigarette and go back to the meeting room, but did not expect that Chen Boqiao came downstairs so quickly and saw him.

Pei Shu did not pretend to have amnesia, and did not hide his understanding of Zhang Jue, and said that Zhang Jue’s homework was not enough.

Zhang Jue retorted in his heart. Did he do enough homework and not smokes or drinks, and Chen Boqiao would not refuse Zhang Jue. But now that Pei Shu said it, Chen Boqiao may be really hating other people smoking, at least once.

After all, Pei Shu must know more than Zhang Jue.

He thought it and lowered the window again.

“Zhang Jue,” Chen Boqiao said suddenly. He reminded Zhang Jue, “I haven’t changed my appearance. The window is so wide that I may be photographed.”

Zhang Jue immediately raised the window, and left only a small seam.

“There is not cigarette smoke on your body,” Chen Boqiao seemed to understand all the confusion of Zhang Jue. He said, “Don’t be so nervous, how unreliable Pei Shu is, don’t you know?”

Zhang Jue said “um.” Chen Boqiao said, “Close the seam of the car window.” Zhang Jue closed the window obediently.

After a short driving, Zhang Jue always felt that the smell of tobacco in the car was getting heavy, and he could not help asking Chen Boqiao: “Did you smell it?”

With a smile in his eyes, Chen Boqiao reiterated Zhang Jue: “Zhang Jue, I really doesn’t hate the smoke so much.”

“I won’t smoke anymore.” Zhang Jue said firmly.

They traveled on the expressway, and passed a huge LED billboard, and took a picture of the night news. There was a picture of the president of the Asian Union, Zhao Yan, with a few lines of characters that the president of the Asian Union, Zhao Yan would make a speech at 9 o ‘clock.

Zhang Jue took a peek at Chen Boqiao, found that Chen Boqiao was also looking at the billboard, and asked Chen Boqiao: “Do you want to watch it?”

Chen Boqiao slanted his face, looked at Zhang Jue for a while, and smiled, “Yes.”

After returning to the safe house, Zhang Jue found a small projector in the house and nailed it to the ceiling. The bed in bedroom was directly opposite a white wall, which can be projected. Zhang Jue casts the live broadcast screen on the bedroom wall, and sits beside the bed waiting for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao took a bath not long before the live broadcast began.

The conference compere came to the stage, saying that according to the president’s intention, before the president’s speech, an officer named Fang Hong should be made to speak first.

Zhang Jue noticed that when Chen Boqiao heard Fang Hong’s name, Chen Boqiao froze, and then immediately got right. When Major Fang Hong limped to the stage, Chen Boqiao’s look no longer changed.

“The criminal Chen Boqiao is my comrade in arms.” Fang Hong said.

He lowered his head to read the manuscript, and clasped his hands on the desk of the lecture table. Zhang Jue felt that his shoulder was shaking slightly, subconsciously glanced at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao noticed, smiled at Zhang Jue, and introduced: “It is my old subordinate.”

Fang Hong spoke very steadily, but his voice was not loud. He said that in his opinion, Chen Boqiao was a ruthless and undisciplined officer. He only wanted to increase his rank, and never considered his subordinates.

For example, Chen Boqiao had proposed that a team of young soldiers to attract firepower when the breakout in the war zone broke into a deadlock. The main force went around from the flank. With the persuasion of Fang Hong and his comrades in arms, the plan was not formed.

Fang Hong not looked up and read the manuscript. Zhang Jue felt uncomfortable after listening to half, and wanted to turn off the live broadcast, but Chen Boqiao held his hand.

“Nothing worth listening to.” Zhang Jue persuaded Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao clutched Zhang Jue’s hand. He didn’t use too much strength, as if he knew Zhang Jue could not resist.

“It’s been a long time since I saw Fang Hong,” Chen Boqiao shrugged indifferently, and watched the picture projected on the white wall. “It’s good to watch him on TV.”

Then Fang Hong continued to read word by word at the top of the screen: “I think that the success of the team’s breakout is due to the vows of the frontline soldiers and a little luck, which has nothing to do with the criminal Chen Boqiao’s leadership.

The sound came from Zhang Jue’s loudspeaker in the corner, with a little distortion.

Chen Boqiao didn’t laugh anymore. He didn’t look at Zhang Jue, but let Zhang Jue suffer.

Zhang Jue’s eyes stared firmly at Chen Boqiao’s gentle side face, and remembered the memorial services that Chen Boqiao had attended repeatedly.

He remembered that when he was twenty years old, he first saw the news of Chen Boqiao’s rescue of the hostages. He tried to find a way from the new independent country to the Asian union, and far away saw the hospital where Chen Boqiao lives through a street. The visitor’s car went in and out, but it could never be approached.

Zhang Jue did not pay attention to what Fang Hong said again. He thought that Chen Boqiao was an innocent idealist, although Chen Boqiao would never admit it. And he was not qualified to see Chen Boqiao. He just was unfamiliar old classmate.

Even if they never meet and never chat. Zhang Jue will not be remembered. Zhang Jue also hopes that Chen Boqiao will have a good life.

Chen Boqiao finally moved his eyes from the wall to Zhang Jue’s face, and there was a smile on his face, and he said to Zhang Jue, “What’s the expression on your face. I’m still alive.”

Zhang Jue not spoke anything. Chen Boqiao said, “Fang Hong’s wife works at the Central Bank of the Union and has three children.”

As if he explained something for his subordinates, and also explained why he doesn’t care.

Zhang Jue looked at Chen Boqiao without saying a word, and Chen Boqiao called him: “Zhang Jue.”

“Come here.” Chen Boqiao took Zhang Jue’s wrist and pulled Zhang Jue into his arms.

Zhang Jue leaned on Chen Poqiao stiffly half-lying. The sound of the picture entered Zhang Je’s eyes and ears, but did not enter the brain. Chen Boqiao’s pheromone temperature wrapped around him. It both stimulated zhang Jue’s alpha gland, made him slightly uncomfortable, and secretly eroded his consciousness, made him enchanted.

Zhang Jue’s forehead was against Chen Boqiao’s chin. He watched Fang Hong bow down from the live broadcast and walked off the stage, and after a while, the president of the Asian Union, Zhao Yan came up.

President’s speech was as fierce as ever, with a strong drama. He rebuked Chen Boqiao, and described Chen Boqiao as an outrageous murderer and short-sighted traitor.

After a while, Chen Boqiao moved. He raised his hand to pinch Zhang Jue ’s shoulder and said, “Zhang Jue, you are so nervous watching TV.”

Chen Boqiao’s hand bypassed Zhang Jue’s chest, hugging him, and looked down at Zhang Jue, and showed his ridicule as usual.

But Zhang Jue thought that Chen Boqiao was actually absent-minded.

They looked at each other and couldn’t know who came first. Zhang Jue thought it should be himself.

It should be that Chen Boqiao gave Zhang Jue a chance, so Zhang Jue seized it. Zhang Jue looked up and touched Chen Boqiao’s cheek, chin, and the lip corner with his lips. He knew he was shaking visibly, and he did not know if Chen Boqiao found it. Chen Boqiao let him approached himself in a crappy and poor way.

Zhang Jue couldn’t know whether he liked or endured, so he finally rubbed slowly and pressed his lips against Chen Boqiao’s lips.

Chen Boqiao was like a person who needs to vent, so he has not refused to comfort him. He was what Zhang Jue dreams of. If Chen Boqiao’s mood can be improved, no matter how difficult. Zhang Jue will try first.

He kissed Chen Boqiao. And another gland of Zhang Jue gradually showed the momentum of suppression. It was not as lost as when in estrus, but it was also difficult to restrain.

He made Chen Boqiao’s lips very moist. Chen Boqiao pressed his arm like speechless encouragement.

When Zhang Jue sat on Chen Boqiao, Chen Boqiao turned down the volume of the live broadcast and asked Zhang Jue: “Is the estrus still over?”

Chen Boqiao didn’t ask sincerely. Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao knew that he was not in estrus, but he still said what Chen Boqiao wanted to hear: “It seems to be.”

Zhang Jue pulled Chen Poqiao’s bathrobe apart, and kissed Chen Boqiao’s throat knot, and passed through the chest and strong abdominal muscles, and came to the half uplift part. He raised his hand and pulled down the edge of Chen Boqiao’s panties, and kept it in his mouth.

Chen Boqiao’s penis was very large, even if it is half-soft. Zhang Jue is very reluctant to keep in mouth.

The smell of pheromone fluttered on Zhang Jue’s face, Zhang Jue closed his eyes, and laboriously opened his mouth, and swallowed and sucked. Slowly, the penis of Zhang Jue’s mouth became harder and bigger, squeezed his tongue and pushed into his deep throat.

Zhang Jue felt that Chen Boqiao’s hand gently touched his cheek and hair, and then clasped his chin.

Zhang Jue wonder if it was his illusion, Chen Boqiao became less polite, and he pinched Zhang Jue’s jaw and pressed his penis deeper. Zhang Jue’s mouth hurts. He looked at Chen Boqiao with his eyes half open, and tried to make his expression look enjoyable, but he knew that he was sucking.

Chen Boqiao also stared down at Zhang Jue, and pulled the hair out of Zhang Jue ’s face. The joints of his fingers slowly slid up and down on Zhang Jue ’s cheek. It was as if what was pleasing him in fact was patience and pain of Zhang Jue.

After a short while, he let go, and pressed Zhang Jue’s shoulder, and retreated from Zhang Jue’s mouth.

“I’m sorry,” Chen Boqiao said, “you’re not comfortable if it is deep.”

His tone sounded a little sorry. But he pulled Zhang Jue’s arm up. Chen Boqiao took Zhang Jue’s clothes off and let Zhang Jue sit on him again.

Before entering, Chen Boqiao hesitated briefly. Chen Boqiao reached Zhang Jue and suddenly asked Zhang Jue: “Is there a condom?”

Zhang Jue paused and stared blankly at Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao’s hand touched Zhang Jue’s thigh root. Their genitals bump into each other. But Zhang Jue found that Chen Boqiao’s expression was still very sane.

“Placed in the hotel,” Zhang Jue said slowly, “I didn’t get it back.”

“Um.” Chen Boqiao didn’t move.

Zhang Jue waited for a moment, but was a little helpless. He looked at Chen Boqiao and stuttered, “Otherwise I would use my mouth…”

Chen Boqiao interrupted Zhang Jue and said in a low voice, “Forget it.” Almost next second, he squeezed into Zhang Jue’s body.

Zhang Jue has sex with Chen Boqiao for the second time, but it was still not very intense. He thought that maybe Chen Boqiao did not want to knock his genital cavity open, so the range of movement was not acute. But it takes a lot of time. On the bed, Chen Boqiao changed his posture, and lifted up Chen Boqiao to against the wall

Zhang Jue’s legs were wrapped around Chen Boqiao’s waist, and body fluid was dripping down his hips. No one listened to what the Asian Union live broadcast was saying.

Chen Boqiao occasionally pecked Zhang Jue, but when Zhang Jue raised his head to deepen the kiss. Chen Boqiao turned his face unfriendly, and then looked at Zhang Jue’s face. Like a very ruthless owner teased the most unloved pet in the house. After a few seconds, when Zhang Jue reacted, and when he felt a little uncomfortable. Chen Boqiao held Zhang Jue’s chin and kissed him deeply.

Before the ejaculation, Chen Boqiao retreated.

Zhang Jue kneeled and leaned forward. But Chen Boqiao rejected Zhang Jue’s offer to help him with mouth again. He just touched Zhang Jue’s lips with the top of Zhang Jue and his own body fluid, and held Zhang Jue’s hand to move. He finally shot on Zhang Jue’s face. Zhang Jue closed his eyes reflectively.

Chen Boqiao did not form a knot, but also shot a lot. The warm semen with a strong smell of pheromone that belongs to Chen Boqiao, and slid along Zhang Jue ’s face to the corner of his mouth, and then to his chin. It landed on his knees and thighs, and flowed down the sides of his legs.

Chen Boqiao wiped some semen under Zhang Jue’s eyes with his fingers and said, “Open your eyes.”

Zhang Jue opened his eyes. Chen Boqiao looked at him, and pulled him up a bit, and kissed Zhang Jue’s lips like a reward, and said, “You had made progress today without crying.”

Zhang Jue definitely felt that his face was very hot, and said neatly that he wanted to take a bath. Chen Boqiao let him go.

The bathroom was very small. There were no shower room, and only a shower head and a thin layer of shower curtain. Zhang Jue washed his body. His legs were soft and closed the water, but he heard the sound of the door being opened behind him. The shower curtain was pulled open a few. He felt a hand pressed on the waist of Zhang Jue.

Fight for Peace and Love 22 (part 2)

Chapter 22 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 2 (part 2)

Bai Nianjin holding chocolate exposed the first smile that Bai Luoluo saw. This smile was fleeting, but like a flower blooming in the rain, although short but let Bai Luoluo’s heart softened down.

When Bai Nianjin went out, Bai Luoluo touched his heart and said, “The child’s smile melted my heart.”

The system said: “Don’t say anything else, I have already found out the whereabouts of Bai Nianjin’s mother. It’s not too late. I think today is a good day to start.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” He always thought that if he is goins to prison in this world, it must because the system instigates him.

Because of thinking to put Bai Nianjin’s mother inside the sack in the mind, Bai Luoluo was out of the spirit all afternoon. Other teachers thought he was sick and wasn’t feeling well, so they told him to leave early if he has to. No one would tell on him as the director went to the meeting.

He refused their kindness and stayed until the end of the afternoon, then he sped off on his bicycle to fetch the sack the system had found for him.

The system set the location for Bai Luoluo and led him to a garbage dump. Then Bai Luoluo saw a yellow sack.

Bai Luoluo pinched his nose and picked up the sack and asked the system what it was for.

The system said, “Pig feed.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Great.

He took the sack and went to the drugstore next door to buy a mask. He put it and the hat on, and then went to the spot.

It got colder and darker much earlier that at half past six, it was almost impossible to see the road clearly.

Bai Luoluo in a hat and the mask crouched near Bai Nianjin’ home. He had never done anything like this since he was a child. He was still nervous and asked the system, “Do you think I did the right thing? “

System: “What’s wrong with it?”

Bai Luoluo said, “Beating a woman…”

The system said: “She still beats a child, Bai Nianjin is such a lovely child, how can she do that?!”

Bai Luoluo thought it makes sense.

The system said: “You also don’t hit too heavily, just threaten her and let her don’t beat Bai Nianjin anymore.”

The Bai Luoluo said yes, and then moved his body to practice some movements.

“I’m a little nervous.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “Don’t be nervous. Treat her like a pig. Slap her in a circle and you’re done.”

“… you look very experienced.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “We system never hit people.”

Yeah, you don’t hit people, but you just encourage them to do it.

Just as Bai Luoluo got ready, Bai Nianjin’s mother also happened to come back. On this cold day, she was wearing only a thin leggings and a skirt just covering her thighs and a fur coat showing her neck so that all the body was showing she is a slut.

Bai Luoluo had practiced countless times in the mind, as he saw Bai Nianjin’s mother, he took a step forward, and then put the sack in the head of Bai Nianjin’s mother in one breath.

Bai Nianjin’s mother wanted to scream, but she felt a hard thing in the back, then a male voice in her ear rang: “You are Bai Nianjin’s mother?”

Bai Nianjin’s mother quickly begged for mercy and said the money is in the bag.

“Who the hell wants your stinking money?” he said, “I come here today to tell you that if you dare to beat Bai Nianjin again, I will stab you to death.”

Hearing this, Bai Nianjin’s mother felt the sharp object into a few points toward her waist, she reluctantly said: “You, who are you? You, what do you want to do?”

Bai Luoluo said: “Bai Nianjin is my friend, if you dare to beat him again, I will beat you out of a flower. You also can’t fucking get brother Wang’s drugs.”

Bai Nianjin’s mother’s legs went limp, and then she was frightened to pee. What he didn’t realize at the time was how desperate a drug addict was to be threatened not to give her drugs.

Bai Luoluo saw the threat played a role, then he let her go.

Bai Nianjin’s mother fell on the ground. She only slowly climbed up from the ground until Bai Luoluo walked away for a long time, but still with a strong fear on her face. Brother Wang’s drugs is the most secret channel for her, now she has only one way. If she loses it, she really does not know where to take good drugs. She trembled to think where this “friend” of his ragged son came from.

The whole body of the Bai Luoluo was excited to shiver after doing a bad thing. He walked for a long time to recover after running away from the alley.

He asked the system how he was doing.

The system said, “Throw out your old newspaper first.”

That’s right, Bai Luoluo just rolled up the old newspaper into a sharp roll, pretending to be a knife used to threaten Bai Nianjin’s mother. He threw the newspaper away and said, “Rate?”

The system said, “Six.”

“Just six?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “And one for friendship.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

Although the score was not high, but the thing had been done. Bai Luoluo chatted with the system on the way home, the system said he went to buy a bag of matcha flavored sunflower seeds.

“Matcha flavored sunflower seeds?”

The system said, “Yeah, it’s just so popular, so it’s out of stock.”

Bai Luoluo thought data still can be out of stock, but he did not ask in details. This is over.

After getting back home, Bai Luoluo who had done a bad thing was a little fidgety, so he was unable to fall asleep all the time. He finally took out a diary and noted down today’s events, then he slowly fell asleep.

The system saw Bai Luoluo’ dispirited appearance and said: “You did not do any bad thing when you were a child?”

Bai Luoluo looked at the ceiling and began to recall his childhood, “I did.” he said.

The system said, “What?”

“Pull the kid’s skirt.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “Sure, you was a good kid… “

Before he had finished speaking, he heard Bai Luoluo complete the sentence: “But now I know that the little kid is a boy now.”

System: “…”

Bai Luoluo covered his face with his arm and his voice was filled with grief, “I think the thing under his skirt is bigger than mine.”

System: “…”

The system was silent for a long time, and then said: “Sleep, do not think too much.”

Bai Luoluo fell asleep while the system felt as if it had become a loving mother, constantly worrying that its silly son is too easy to bully.

Maybe because he had never done such bad thing before, he felt quite upset. His cold grew worse that his voice was hoarse.

Bai Luoluo lay in his bed, saying that he was dying.

The system said, “They will deduct your salary if you don’t go to work tomorrow.”

“I don’t care.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said: “How can you raise Bai Nianjin with your salary deducted?”

Bai Nianjin’s cute little face appeared before Bai Luoluo, he said: “Nianjin, Dad loves you.”

System: “…” It found that only paternal love can arouse the fighting spirit of Bai Luoluo. It doesn’t know why the child like to be a father so much.

In the end, he was late, but all the teachers admired him when he arrived at the office, for he looked as if he might faint at any moment. Even the grade director can not help but said Mr. Li, the body is the capital of the revolution, you do not have to be too reluctant.

Bai Luoluo forced a smile to say that he can continue to teach students.

The grade director patted him on the shoulder and sighed: “Now young people lack this kind of fighting spirit most. I know you are working hard!”

Bai Luoluo almost blurted out to ask if his salary will be raised, but he managed to hold the last reserve as a teacher and smiled to the grade director.

The grade director nodded at him and left.

Fortunately, there were not many classes for the Bai Luoluo today. He really didn’t want to attend the class. He had to let the system take over his body. As a result, after one class, some students even said that though the teacher is ill and the quality of class attendance actually improved, teacher, you are so dedicated.

This was supposed to be a compliment to him, but he could not smile.

But Bai Luoluo was quite gratified that today Bai Nianjin’s condition seemed to be good, at least he didn’t lower his head to listen to the class. Bai Luoluo also saw he said a few words with other students.

After class, he didn’t stay long in the classroom either. He went back to the office, took some medicine, crawled on the desk and fell asleep soon. He wanted to sleep for more than ten minutes, but somehow he managed to sleep until the afternoon. Finally, he woke up from his dream with hunger.

All the teachers in the office have gone, but Bai Luoluo is wearing a coat, which is probably a teacher put it on.

Bai Luoluo has a red mark on his face and drool on his lips. His expression is like that of a retarded child with an IQ of only 25.

The system said, “Awake?”

Bai Luoluo wiped his mouth with his hand and said, “Yes. Go home.”

The system said, “Wipe the drool twice again, it’s still hanging on your chin.”

Bai Luoluo wiped twice again and said: “When they got off work, why didn’t they call me?”

The system said: “Do not say them, even I could not wake you up. Otherwise you are still steaming, I thought you suffered a sudden death.”

“Oh, well, I was wrong about them…” he said as he went to get his bicycle. When he reached the teaching building, he heard a noise of argument.

Fight for Peace and Love 22 (part 1)

Chapter 22 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 2 (part 1)

The word “hunger” left a deep imprint on the memory of Bai Nianjin.

When he was a child, his mother didn’t care about him. He liked to go to the street to pick up other people’s leftover steamed buns to eat. When he found something, he would put it in his mouth instantly.

At that time he was also weak and often suffered the diarrhea, but compared with diarrhea, he was more afraid of hunger. That kind of ache feeling which spreads from the stomach to the limbs, finally gathers in the mind let Bai Nianjin lose the human dignity. He even thought he could do anything if someone would give him something to eat.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you could be a naughty boy all your life. Urchins do not know what are self-respect and contempt; they even do not know what is high and low.

Bai Nianjin had been precocious. After he understood the vision of the people around, he began to endure hunger.

He stopped picking up street food and began to try to make some money of his own. For example, he can sell two-cent cans and a one-cent bottle of mineral water by the roadside.

His mother annoyed him, who did not come back home for half a month and saw him a beggar.

“How can you be so dirty?” the woman was in a gorgeous dress and the perfume she used could afford for Bai Nianjin to eat for a month. But she did not want to give Bai Nianjin a little money. This child is her shame. If it was not for him, she would not have ruined her appearance to this point.

“Are you a beggar?” she should be the most intimate person to him, but with the most disgusted looking at Bai Nianjin, the woman said: “Get out, don’t come back if you can’t clean up your body.”

So thin Bai Nianjin was carried out of the house and casually thrown away in the corridor. He was seven years old, and yet he was still so small that a woman could pick him up and throw him away like garbage with just one hand.

Bai Nianjin knew himself is probably can not go into a house, then he slowly walked to the stairwell and sat down.

It happened so many times that the neighbors couldn’t stand it and called the police.

The police came to educate Bai Nianjin’s mother, but the matter of Bai Nianjin could not be managed. In the end, it was the head of the police office who came forward and let Bai Nianjin’s mother send him to school. He also said that if the abuse goes wrong, she will be punished by law.

Bai Nianjin’s mother pretended to agree, but she began to scold Bai Nianjin “black sheep” privately. She did not hit Bai Nianjin, perhaps she was afraid to get her hands dirty.

After the police left, Bai Nianjin’s life changed a little, which means he could finally go to school.

And entering the school, Bai Nianjin soon realized that this is probably his only chance to change his fate.

Bai Nianjin began to study hard. He did not care how much the students despise him or the views of others towards him, he just wanted to leave here, leave his mother, leave the world that he hates.

Bai Nianjin had been very close to success if he had not met Li Hansheng.

Bai Luoluo was not lucky. He caught a cold after he came to this world on the third day, but fortunately it was not serious, he just had a little cough and runny nose.

In fact, it is not easy to catch a cold in such weather, but once he catches a cold, it is a little troublesome. Bai Luoluo took some ointment in the office, as he swallowed it, he thought his tonsil should be swollen.

Teachers always have to use their throats, especially high school teachers. even if they catch the cold, they also dare not ask for leave for fearing of delaying the learning process.

Fortunately, Bai luoluo is a Chinese language teacher, whose schoolwork is not so heavy as other teachers, so he felt that it should be no problem to stick to it.

At the end of a lesson, Bai Luoluo was still sweating. He took a drink of water and asked the students if they have any more questions.

A few students with good relations with Bai Luoluo came up with their textbooks. In fact, these students did not have too many problems, they just like to play along with the teachers, so the questions they asked did not embarrass Bai Luoluo too much.

The next class is about to start. Bai Luoluo tidied up his books, and glanced at Bai Nianjin once.

In fact, Bai Luoluo was looking Bai Nianjin during the whole lesson, because he found that this kid was a bit unusual. He is generally careful to listen to the lessons, but today he kept his head buried in the arms.

Bai Luoluo thought for a moment, but without calling him, he turned to go out.

So to noon, Bai Luoluo went to the classroom around. His pace slowed down as he reached Bai Nianjin’s position.

Bai Nianjin obviously has something to hide from him, because this child’s head is almost buried into the desk.

Bai Luoluo stretched out his hand to gently knock on his table and whispered: “Bai Nianjin?”

Bai Nianjin called “teacher” in a low voice.

“How do you read?” said Bai Luoluo, “Lift up your head.”

Bai Nianjin did not move until Bai Luoluo said again, he slowly raised his head, exposing a blue and purple face.

He was stunned. A flood of anger rushed to the top of his head, but he held back his anger. “Come out with me.” he said.

Bai Nianjin slowly got up and followed Bai Luoluo out of the classroom.

“What’s going on?” The teachers in the office all went home to have a nap. Bai Luoluo closed the door.

Bai Nianjin bowed his head and did not speak.

“Bai Nianjin, if there is anything, you can tell the teacher.” he said.

Bai Nianjin was still silent.

Bai Luoluo reached out his hand to lift up his face. He saw that there are some broken parts on his face. It looked as if he had bumped into something. He said, “Say something.”

Bai Nianjin quivered his long eyelashes, after a long time, he just said: “Nothing will change.” His voice was still as clear as a young boy’s, plus his thin appearance, he looked like a child of 13 or 14 years old.

Bai Luoluo almost pulled up his heart, he said: “Tell me, the adult always has more more methods than the child.”

This words seemed to move Bai Nianjin. He moved his feet and finally said: “My mother hit me.”

“Why did she beat you?” said Bai Luoluo.

“She was not in a good mood.” Bai Nianjin said.

Bai Luoluo got mad, he really could not understand why there is such a mother in the world, even in the novel, it is too much.

But the reality is always more absurd than the novel. Bai Nianjin’s mother is such a selfish and heartless woman.

“She used to beat you?” He remembered that in the original world line, Bai Nianjin’s mother didn’t come home much after taking drugs.

“Not much.” said Bai Nianjin.

“If she tries to beat you again,” said Bai Luoluo, “run out and come to my house if you have nowhere to go.”

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo and did not say yes or refuse.

“Come on,” said Bai Luoluo, “I’ll take you to the school nurse to deal with your wounds.”

Bai Nianjin looked a little reluctant, but Bai Luoluo still insisted to take him to the school nurse. The school nurse was startled to see the wounds on his face and asked what happened.

“The kid bumped into a post yesterday.” Bai Luoluo said. He knew Bai Nianjin didn’t want too many people to know anything about his family, so he made an excuse.

Bai Nianjin secretly glanced at Bai Luoluo and slightly pursed his lips.

“I’ll apply the ointment.” said Bai Luoluo, “You go on with your works.”

The school nurse said, “Can you do it?”

“Of course.” said Bai Luoluo.

Although Bai Nianjin wounds is a little exaggerated, but it seems to be only skin wounds, so he left the ointment and went out.

Bai Luoluo quietly took a look at the doctor, then let Bai Nianjin take off clothes.

Bai Nianjin was stunned: “Ah?”

“Let me see if you have any wounds on your body.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin’ face floated a bit red as he knew he thought too much. Actually it couldn’t blame him, because his mother is doing that kind of business, he knew these nasty things of the adult world early.

Bai Nianjin slowly took off his clothes.

The purely white and emaciated chest of Bai Nianjin exposed, but this milk-colored chest was covered with rough shallow blood marks.

“What did your mother hit you with?” he said.

“High-heeled shoes and clothes-drying pol.” Bai Nianjin said.

“She doesn’t deserve to be a mother.”

Bai Nianjin didn’t say anything. The room was heated, so he wasn’t cold either, Bai Luoluo gently applied ointment on his wounds, which made him feel very comfortable and the original pain was eased a lot. Bai Nianjin was a little distracted to think if his parents were like the teacher… but he quickly put a stop to this idea, because it is unrealistic expectations.

Bai Luoluo applied the ointment to Bai Nianjin in the sulks, while he said to the system: “Can’t we help Bai Nianjin?”

The system said, “What do you want to do?”

“I rob his mother in the evenin.” said Bai Luoluo.

System: “… Are you worthy of being a socialist successor?”

“Then what?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said: “Put her inside a sack and beat her.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” What difference does it make?

Of course, Bai Luoluo was just talking to the system casually. After all, he isn’t a violent person.

When he almost finished applying the ointment, the system said: “Still go? I have a good idea where to find the sack.”

After thirty seconds of silence, he said, “… go.”

The system said: “OK, you first comfort the kid, I go to buy a bag of sunflower seeds.”

Bai Luoluo felt his head have a little dull ache inexplicably.

After he finished applying the ointment for Bai Nianjin, he let him put on his clothes, Bai Nianjin said “thanks you, teacher”. Bai Luoluo could not help touching Bai Nianjin’s soft hair and gently said, “Nothing, go.”

As Bai Nianjin almost reached the door, Bai Luoluo suddenly called him, and then took out a large piece of chocolate from the pocket to stuff into his hands.

“Eat something to supplement some calories.” said Bai Luoluo, “Your hands are cold.”

Jin Wang Dotes on His Concubine 21 (part 1)

Chapter 21 (part 1)

Mammy Mu looked at side consort Hu, knowing everything.

Probably because she came from the Imperial Palace, this insight hidden beneath the surface is subtle and mysterious.

Side consort Hu had this kind of feeling, so she was extremely on pins and needles.

“Did Wangye agree?”

Her words made side consort Hu feel a little embarrassed but she also knew that she has to succeed in reaching an agreement with Mammy Mu in order to achieve her purpose.

She went to Zhaohui Hall twice before but she wasn’t even allowed to enter the door. All this caused her to panic and she even wondered if Consort Jin knew something, otherwise she would not do so much as to send Cuizhu back for no reason.

She absolutely cannot fall out of favor.

Once she falls out of favor, it is enough for consort Jin and concubine Feng to skin her alive.

And with this thought side consort Hu clutched her hands under her sleeves and started to cry. She cried so sadly with a sense of desolation and uneasiness that she couldn’t even care about her dignity.

She didn’t choose to hide her emotions for the sake of face but said that she accidentally offended Jin Wang last night without any specific details.

This incident is not a secret to Mammy Mu. Although she was not in the small building at that time, she soon heard about it.

Sometimes even Mammy Mu doesn’t understand what Jin Wang is thinking but this won’t prevent her from doing something of her own will. Side consort Hu is stupid that she often offends Jin Wang. However, since Wangye is willing to visit her and has done many things for her, Mammy Mu should give her a push.

She glanced at Side consort Hu’s stomach and slowly said, “Since you miss the little princess, you can take her for one night. I’ll ask Yuyan to help you get things ready and you can take wet nurse Su with you.”

Side consort Hu immediately smiled through her tears and said: “Thank you, Mammy Mu.”

In the east room, Yaoniang was giving the little princess a massage and naturally heard the movement outside.

This was the first time she heard the side consort Hu’s cry. To be honest, Yaoniang was so surprised as if she saw a beast, because she thought side consort Hu was always been arrogant. Even if Jin Wang doted on Yaoniang in the previous life, side consort Hu never showed any white feather.

Yuyan walked in and whispered to Yaoniang that she needs to go to Liuchun Pavilion tonight.

Yaoniang is just a wet nurse. She could only obey.

In fact, there is nothing to pack. After giving birth to the little princess, side consort Hu deliberately ordered servants to clean the west room and separately prepared a room with everything necessary for her. She wanted to keep her daughter by her side.

Instead the little princess was brought to the small lateral courtyard and many things were prepared for her again. Things prepared in the west room before were never used so they just need to bring the little princess over.

However, Yuyan still helped Yaoniang pack some diapers and toys up for the little princess. Then Yaoniang cradled the little princess and followed side consort Hu to Liuchun Pavilion.

It is very clean and spotless in the west room and all things prepared for the little princess are put in order. The rosewood cabinet facing the corner is filled with various small toys. Some of them were not even available in the market (yet).

Some toys were prepared by side consort Hu herself and some were sent by consort Jin. Of course, some toys were collected by Jin Wang from all over.

Jin Wang seriously loves this daughter very much.

The maidservants in the Liuchun Pavilion are also very attentive to Yaoniang. They address wet nurse Su beaming with joy all over their face. In her previous life, they treated Yaoniang indifferently and laughed at her in Liuchun Pavilion. So she was surprised because she never saw them treat her this way (in this manner).

She was surprised but not dumbfounded. After all, this life is very different from the previous.

Yaoniang didn’t see Cuizhu but she knew why. Previously, Cuizhu was punished with standing still under the sun for more than an hour. She suffered from heatstroke and couldn’t get out of bed.

Everyone in the small lateral courtyard knew about this and had also discussed it. Naturally, Yaoniang also knew.

It has been a hundred days since the little princess was born and she is no longer willing to stay alone anymore. She always looks around while being held by the maids. She is interested in everything given by others. Even a rattle drum could attract her attention for half a day.

Yaoniang put a rattle drum in her hand. The little princess often exercises her grasping ability these days so she could take it securely and shake it in her hand to make a thumping sound ‘bang, bang, bang’.

The little princess couldn’t help but squint and then look at the toy in her hand again. She bursts into laughter and waved it even more .

Everyone in the Liuchun Pavilion, including side consort Hu, naturally laughed as well. The merriment in the Liuchun Pavilion swept away the heavy atmosphere from before.

Side consort Hu didn’t stay for a long time but hurried out with others.

Yaoniang wondered if she will head to Zhaohui Hall.

Would Jin Wang come?

Of course, Jin Wang would come.

Inexplicably, Yaoniang understands this.

In Zhaohui Hall, Jin Wang is reading some confidential letters in the inner study room.

Fucheng walked in lightly with almost no noise.

Jin Wang still looked up at him. Fucheng reported, “Wangye, side consort Hu is waiting outside the door.”

Jin Wang frowned.

Fucheng stooped halfway and continued: “Side consort Hu went to the small lateral courtyard. With Mammy Mu’s consent, she took the little princess to stay overnight at Liuchun Pavilion.”

So naturally it went without saying that Jin Wang also understood side consort Hu’s intention.

“Side consort Hu invites you to have dinner at Liuchun Pavilion tonight.”

Silence fell in the room. Jin Wang continued to read the confidential letter in his hand.

Afterwards, he frowned but didn’t lift up his head, “Let her go back. I will go there tonight.”


Upon hearing the words of Jin Wang, side consort Hu’s face lit up with happiness.

Fucheng looked at her departing figure and sighed.

Sometimes she’s stupid but other times she’s smart on trivial matters. At least side consort Hu knows some of Jin Wang’s thoughts and also understands what she is relying on.

No matter whether living well or not, relying on someone or something is important for surviving in this world.

Fucheng dusted the corners of his sleeves and squinted at the distant sky.

Darkness has fallen, yet Liuchun Pavilion is brightly lit.

The maids are all well-dressed with a happy smile on their faces.

In the room, side consort Hu is already holding the little princess in her arms. She is dressed in a pristine manner today. She had a watery-red silk summer top on and wearing light-coloured makeup. She didn’t wear any jewelry except for a simple jade hairpin in her bun.

Nobody has seen side consort Hu this way before. She is less dazzling and beautiful but looks very tender and demure.

The little princess in her arms is wearing red clothes made of cotton, the style is simple but the texture is soft. She wears a bellyband of the same color, which makes her look white and cute.

Yaoniang took the time to sew these clothes for her.

It’s not suitable for a baby girl to wear clothes with too many patterns on a hot day. Those clothes look gorgeous but are not suitable for such a little baby, the fabric may hurt her skin. So Yaoniang tried to make a nice and breathable set which would not scratch the delicate skin of the little princess. Even if the weather is hot, the little princess neither gets heat rashes nor catches cold. Mammy Mu simply allowed Yaoniang to do what she wants.

Side consort Hu smiled and praised Yaoniang that she took care of the little princess well and all maidservants nearby naturally followed.

Yaoniang felt she is living in a dream. People who previously looked at her fiercely and talked boisterously completely changed their faces in this life, which really makes her have the illusion of “things still being there but the humans are no longer the same”.

A little girl rushed in and announced that Wangye arrived.

Side consort Hu immediately held up the little princess and led a large group of people to welcome him outside.

In the courtyard, the glazed palace lanterns are lit under the eaves of the veranda, which illuminated all around even the bright moon and stars in the sky are dim.

Jin Wang is wearing a dark blue robe embroidered with dark patterns. He approached the place with one hand behind his back. Fucheng following right behind.

Under the light, Jin Wang looked eloquent and handsome like a god from the heavens.

Yaoniang saw side consort Hu lose her breath for a few minutes and then went to greet him with a bit of delight on her face.


Translator: Little Monster

Editor: Silkscreen

Love Story at Starry Night 20

Chapter 20

Xia Xingcheng was ill for two days. On the third day, he recovered a little and began shooting again.

That night, it was very hot. Fang Jianyuan took a bath and turned on the floor fan, then he felt a little cool.

He sat on the edge of the bed and stretched out his white and thin legs from his shorts. Instead of putting his feet in his slippers, he stepped on them with his heels and opened his toes hard to dry them with the wind.

It’s quiet upstairs.

Fang Jianyuan’s body leaned back, propped himself on the bed with his elbow, looked up at the ceiling and he knew that Yu Haiyang had not come back.

The sound insulation effect of the small building was not very good. Sometimes in the next room, his mother turned up the TV so loud that he could hear it clearly.

When Yu Haiyang came back, he could clearly hear the footsteps on every step of the stairs.

Fang Jianyuan took a look at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It was more than 10 o’clock.

At this time, the sound of the fan in the room suddenly became louder.

Fang Jianyuan then turned his eyes from the alarm clock to his floor fan.

The fan made a whine, which sounded like the internal mechanical pain whine. Although its sound was loud, it slowed down slowly. Fang Jianyuan looked at it and he saw that it almost stopped, but it suddenly started to accelerate. The fan leaves turned violently and it slowed down again after a while.

After so many back and forth, the noise of the fan suddenly disappeared and the room suddenly became quiet. Only the fan leaves turned a few times with the inertia, and then they could not stop.

Fang Jianyuan got up from the bed, put his feet into his slippers, he went to the front of the fan and patted his big head.

The fan did not respond.

Fang Jianyuan unplugged the fan plug on the wall and plugged it back. The fan still didn’t respond.

It seemed that the fan was broken.

Fang Jianyuan’s forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

He turned off the light in the room and opened the window completely. He sat quietly on the desk in front of the window.

Although it was night, there was still no wind blowing in. What Fang Jianyuan could feel was all the sultry heat. They covered his whole body with water, rushed into his every pore and soon turned into sweat.

It seemed that so long as one keeps calm, one doesn’t feel the heat too much is not true, Fang Jianyuan thought in his mind, what’s more, his heart was not calm.

It’s hard to stay in this stuffy room. He remembered that there was a floor fan in the grocery store downstairs, which was useless anyway.

Fang Jianyuan jumped off the table and walked quickly out of the room towards the downstairs.

He didn’t turn on the lights all the way. The light came from the glass window at the corner of the stairs. Every step was dimly visible.

The grocery store on the first floor should be a little darker. Fang gradually squatted down and groped for the plug of the electric fan in the dark.

At this time, the small wooden door on the left side of the grocery store door was opened from outside.

Yu Haiyang stepped across the threshold and came in. He heard the movement in the dark and asked, “Who?”

Fang Jianyuan felt the plug, pulled it out and stood up.

Yu Haiyang also fumbled for the switch line on the wall and gently pulled it to light the incandescent lamp on the top.

Fang Jianyuan’s eyes suddenly brightened and squinted inappropriately.

Yu Haiyang also saw him clearly. He closed the wooden door and stood still.

Fang Jianyuan adapted to the light and he saw Yu Haiyang looking at him with a smile on his face. Then he looked down at himself and found that his white vest was loose and pulled to one side and the nipples on the light colored side of his chest were so exposed.

In a panic, he pulled back his vest uneasily.

Yu Haiyang took a step forward and watched him butdidn’t speak.

Fang Jianyuan didn’t make a sound either. He bent down and picked up the fan, half dragging and half holding it walked towards the stairs.

Fight for Peace and Love 21 (part 2)

Chapter 21 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 1 (part 2)

The real Bai Nianjin is even much thinner than Bai Luoluo saw in the system. This day is so cold, but he only wears a thin cotton-padded clothes inside and a loose uniform outside. His hair is long enough to cover an eye.The whole person is revealing a kind of gloomy breath.

It seems that this kind of child will be excluded from the normal social circle no matter which school he is in. But if he did not meet Li Hansheng, it may only be a shadow of his student days instead of living in the shadows for the rest of his life.

When Bai Luoluo reached the door, he cast another glance at the classroom behind him. He saw the Bai Nianjin was holding a hot steamed stuffed bun in the hands to bite. His frozen hands also warmed. At this sight, Bai Luoluo’s heart is a little loose, but he soon turned away.

There was no one in the office at the moment, and when he had gone inside, he warmed himself by boiling a pot of water and making some tea.

Fortunately, Li Hansheng taught the Chinese, if he taught other subjects, Bai Luoluo can only rely on the system.

The system has a full complement of skills and, if necessary, it can manipulate the body of the host, for example, in the last world, Bai Luoluo was trained by the system. So even if Bai Luoluo isn’t a teacher, he will not mislead and cause harm to the young children. After all, the system is certainly more reliable to teach than Li Hansheng.

Bai Luoluo read a book for a while and it began to snow outside the window. The teacher in the office also came one after another.

Somebody called Bai Luoluo and said teacher Li came earlier today.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Bai Luoluo laughed, “so I came to school.”

That person said: “Alas, I also can not sleep, yesterday the month examination result had come out, but these naughty kids made so many mistakes.”

“They may do not care about that.” said Bai Luoluo, “You have to discipline them well.”

The man nodded, poured a cup of hot water, and sat down opposite to Bai Luoluo.

There are four teachers in the office, three men and a woman. The atmosphere seemed good at first, but for some reason Bai Luoluo started to feel excluded. But this feeling is not too obvious, so he did not think much. He had two classes this morning, and then he will be free this afternoon.

These days the monthly exam results just released, all the teachers are busy. As a teacher, Bai Luoluo can not relax.

As he sat at his desk, he thought it would be fun to have time travel like this. After all, how many people get a chance to try out others’ life. He was a Wangye, and now he’s a teacher, so he’s had more life experience than anyone else.

As Bai Luoluo was thinking, there suddenly rang a low voice in the brain. He was stunned: “System, what’s wrong?”

After listening for a while, the system said, “Nothing.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” What, did he have auditory hallucination?

Less than five minutes later, he heard the sound again, this time Bai Luoluo heard clearly, he said: “… what are you doing?”

The system said, “Nothing.”

Bai Luoluo thought for a moment, but finally remembered what the voice was. He said angrily, “What the hell are you doing in my head? Are you eating sunflower seeds?”

System: “… no, sweetie, no.”

“Am I stupid?” said Bai Luoluo.

System: “Sweetie, you really misheard, we system never eat sunflower seeds.”

Bai Luoluo: “Can you speak properly?”

The system said, “Yes, I am eating sunflower seeds. Make a complaint.”

The first thought that came to his mind was that he actually missed the system of the previous world. Well, he missed the system of the first world in the second world, too. He doesn’t know what kind of ancillary systems he will encounter in the next world.

The system was also wronged: “We system is also very boring.”

“What the hell can data eat sunflower seeds? What does the sunflower seeds look like? Show me.” Bai Luoluo said. Then there was a pink bag with a bunch of letters and numbers written on it appeared and when he looked at it, it turned out to be a bunch of programs.

The system said, “See, like this, strawberry ones.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” He even wants to taste the strawberry flavor of sunflower seeds.

The system said, “All right, I’m done. Don’t complain.”

For the first time, Bai Luoluo began to wonder if these systems were human in disguise.

The system seemed to sense what he was thinking, and it clarified, “Don’t think too much, we have nothing to do with human beings. Read your Chinese book, be good.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Headache.

The system did not eat sunflower seeds anymore, then Bai Luoluo also could settle down to read books, the Chinese teaching materials in this world and is somewhat different. Bai Luoluo thought the story is quite interesting.

After a while, he began to try to prepare his own lesson plan, although there is a system to help, trying to do more can be quite interesting.

So as he killed time in the afternoon, Bai Luoluo saw the snow was getting more and more heavily outside.

“It gets cold when it snows.” said a teacher in the office, “The snow came early this year. It looks very cold. “

“Then tell the children to get rid of their school uniforms.” said Bai Luoluo, “Don’t freeze to death.”

After he said this, other teachers looked at him in surprise. Li Hansheng seems to be thoughtful in front of the students, but other teachers know his behaviors. So it was a bit of a surprise to hear that, after all, when Li Hansheng took his class last year, he let student wear school uniforms when the temperature was nearly below zero. After all, uniforms are part of the performance pay.

And he did not answer their surprise.

When he announced the news in the classroom in the afternoon, the whole class was very excited. Fifteen or sixteen-year-old children all want to wear beautiful and eye-catching clothes, so it is naturally good to take off the uniforms.

Bai Luoluo originally thought that it will be possible to let Bai Nianjin to wear some thick clothes instead of school uniforms, but he did not expect that as soon as he announced this news, Bai Nianjin slightly raised the eyebrows and his shoulders were lower.

Bai Luoluo slightly stunned, then found that he seemed to ignore something. He tightened his right hand and did not say anything.

Senior one students have to take self-study till nine o’clock in the evening. Bai Luoluo left work ahead of schedule and rode his bicycle to go away.

The system said, “What are you doing?”

“Buy something.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “Buy what?”

“Buy clothes.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said, “I think you are going to buy sunflower seeds.”

How much do you like sunflower seeds?

He went to the nearest clothing store and bought two down jackets and several sweaters. Then the system knew what he is going to do.

Then in accordance with the route in the memory, he went to Bai Nianjin’s home.

Bai Nianjin lives in a remote area, and there are small sheds built against the rules everywhere. A grown man like Bai Luoluo walking in the dark tunnel also feels a little frightened, he doesn’t know how he survives as a teenager.

As he walked forward, he Chatted with the system, “Do you get paid? What about the benefits?”

“We were really miserable before.” the system said, “Bu a system created the AI Rights Defense Association, and then we perfected the law, and it got better.”

“Ah,” said Bai Luoluo, “so encouraging.”

The system said, “Well, I’m the new system, so I just know from history that, um…”

“Oh,” said Bai Luoluo, “it’s not easy for anyone.”

The system said, “Yeah, so can I eat sunflower seeds?”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Why does he feel the system just intended to ask the last sentence.

The system and Bai Luoluo talked about something else, including the history of the system, AI rights protection and those bad hosts they have encountered before.

Bai Luoluo did not say anything, but the system who often quarreled with him floated in his mind.

The system said, “By the way, what system did you encounter last time?”

“I don’t remember.” said Bai Luoluo, “It was something like eighty-two.”

The system said, “How do you feel about him?”

“It’s all right.” said Bai Luoluo.

The system laughed, “Ha-ha.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Is it his delusion? why did he hear a little coldness from this laughter?

Bai Luoluo did not have time to think carefully and already arrived at the door of Bai Nianjin.

He walked a few steps, put the bag in the hand to the gate and then looked inside again. The room was dark and apparently empty. Bai Luoluo pursed his lips and went downstairs.

Because he was afraid that Bai Nianjin would not accept his clothes, he also added a small note specially inside, saying that these clothes are not of use to him, and he hopes to help Bai Nianjin. He also said that he envied Bai Nianjin so much for his scores, and he also had to make a good effort to try to catch up with his achievements.

Bai Luoluo was once a teenager, what he most feared is Bai Nianjin rejects other people’s good intention because of the self-esteem.

However, it seems that Bai Luoluo worried too much, because the next day Bai Nianjin put on the clothes Bai Luoluo sent him. Bai Luoluo did not know the size of him, so the clothes seem to be a little loose. Bai Nianjin wearing the down jacket he bought appears more thin and small, especially with the small face of the palm size, he is simply like a junior high school students.

He still brought breakfast for his students today, and some of his close friends joked that the teacher would bring breakfast for them from now on.

“Yes, but don’t tell anyone,” answered Bai Luoluo with a smile, “come and eat quietly.”

Several students were laughing, only Bai Jinnian in the corner seemed to be out of place with everyone.

Bai Luoluo knew that some things can not be changed overnight, so do not worry, take your time.

Li Hansheng’s class had a good performance in the monthly exam. his class is the top one in the whole grade and all students study very hard.

Bai Nianjin’s grades have always been steady, this time he was also ranked in top 50 as usual. In their school, Bai Nianjin is enough to go to the best college in the country.

But in the original world line that Bai Luoluo did not come, Bai Nianjin did not even pass the entrance examination for a junior college, and went to work after graduating from high school.

Bai Luoluo sometimes really hates Li Hansheng. The teacher should be tireless in teaching others, but the son of bitch was completely not tired to destroy people.

The system also consoled Bai Luoluo, “Don’t hate yourself, let me hate you.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Why is this system more and more familiar? Its understanding for people a few days ago all became sunflower seeds and was spit away?

Fight for Peace and Love 21 (part 1)

Chapter 21 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 1 (part 1)

After seeing Qin Min, Luoluo’s mother asked him how he felt, and he said it’ Okay.

Luoluo’s mother said in all earnestness: “If you Like her, go to chase her, otherwise you will miss this good girl.”

For the first time, Bai Luoluo found that his mother still has such a sensitive side. Before he was moved for two seconds, he heard his mother continue saying, “Look at Chen Wenwen, who went to primary school with you. Her children can even buy soy sauce.”

Bailuo: “…” This urge marriage is really can not be prevented.

To his delight, however, his second world mission bonus was paid soon, and although the mission was rated B, the subsidy was a little more than that in the previous world.

When Bai Luoluo saw the amount of bonus, his first reaction was that something was going wrong. He even specially called the finance department to ask.

“That’s right.” said the cashier in the finance department, as she looked up Bai Luoluo’s wage records, “That’s it.”

“Well…” said Bai Luoluo, “I see.”

“You haven’t done many tasks, have you?” said the cashier, “These allowances are automatically calculated by the system. It’s as much as it is, and there’s no mistake.”

“Oh, well, thank you.” said Bai Luoluo.

“You’re welcome.” said the cashier, “Don’t be afraid to call if you have any problems. “

Bai Luoluo said yes.

After receiving the salary, Bai Luoluo put his allowance into another bankbook, an account he had opened after college, and every month he had to put more or less money into it. In the words of his mother, that’s Bai Luoluo’s capital to marry a wife.

Bai Luoluo deposited the money and carefully locked his bankbook in the drawer. His heart was filled with happiness thinking that if he saves some more, he could pay the down payment on a house. Once he has a house, he would earnestly ask for a wife, well, life is interesting that way.

To do the task has to fast for two days, as Bai Luoluo arrived at the unit, he went into the rest room assigned to him.

After taking a bath and changing the special clothes, Bai Luoluo went to his department to sign in and then went to the Time-travel department.

“Luoluo, do you work today?” The entire department of Social Peace Bureau is of not many people, so although the departments are different, they almost all know each other. As Bai Luoluo entered into the unit, someone said hello to Bai Luoluo.

“Yes.” said Bai Luoluo.

The man smiled and said, “Thanks for your hard work.”

“Not a big deal.” said Bai Luoluo with a smile, “You’re too kind.”

As he chatted with his colleagues, he went to the Time Travel Department, where a Dormancy Chamber had been set up.

This is his third time for Bai Luoluo to enter in the mission world, so he becomes much more skillful. He lays down in the Dormancy Chamber, put on his equipment, and soon fell into a deep sleep.

The mechanical sound of the system woke up Bai Luoluo in his ear. Bai Luoluo opened his eyes and saw a very ordinary bedroom.

It is really very ordinary, ordinary decoration, ordinary furniture, there is nothing out of the ordinary, just like Bai Luoluo did not have a time travel. The cold voice of the system sounded again: “Do you accept the information about the original world line?”

“Accept.” said Bai Luoluo.

The some pictures came to his mind. As he watched the entire episode, he became speechless with rage — in fact, every time he came to a new world, he would get angry because the body he transmigrated in this time is horrible.

Bai Luoluo of this world is called Li Hansheng and he is a teacher.

According to theory, the teacher is to impart knowledge and educate people, but Li Hansheng can’t be a model for others. Li Hansheng is now a class teacher in high school, the protagonist of the world is in his class.

The protagonist of this world is called Bai Nianjin, the name is a good name, but his fate is not good.

He was born out of wedlock, and his mother was beautiful when she was young, thinking that she would marry into a rich family with her son. However, the reality is not fiction, the rich and powerful families are not too easy to enter. The wealthy man who kept his mother did not waver when he learned of the existence of Bai Nianjin, and even threatened to kill them if she made trouble again.

The education level of Bai Nianjin’s mother is not high. She has no other skills and is too tired for simple work, so simply started to be a whore. After Bai Nianjin graduated from the primary school, he was also caught up in drugs.

Such a family, coupled with a slender and wake body, Bai Nianjin was bullied from childhood. The living environment cultivated his gloomy and surly character that other students do not like him.

Li Hansheng also does not like Bai Nianjin, but he did not directly show out. His face is always with a non-discriminatory appearance, but he makes some things to toss Bai Nianjin secretly and deliberately.

Bai Nianjin is still too young to see Li Hansheng’s sinister intentions, but he feels that the teacher is particularly gentle and he even has a different mind to Li Hansheng.

And by a coincidence, Li Hansheng knew the idea of Bai Nianjin. He was proud in the heart and at the same time he disgusted him. If only so, then he probably can only be regarded as a slag man. But then he did something that made him want to spit on his face.

After Li Hansheng knew Bai Nianjin’s mind, he actually began to indoctrinate him with the idea that liking men is perverted. He didn’t say it directly, but subtly indoctrinated him with this idea, and then looked down at him to struggle in pain. Then something happened, all in all, there are Li Hansheng played an important role in the whole thing. Finally, Bai Nianjin actually got a double legs disability.

Then Li Hansheng unexpectedly found a woman to marry and even invited Bai Nianjin to the wedding.

“This man is no longer human scum, but human ashes.” Bai Luoluo said angrily.

This system should be new here, who said: “Right.”

“Hello, I’m new to the mission. What system are you?” he asked.

The system sounded slightly different, “I am 15739.”

Bai Luoluolo was relieved to think that it is not the system of the last world.

The system said, “What’s your name”

“My name is Bai Luoluo.” said Bai Luoluo.

The atmosphere was suddenly quiet for a moment, and then Bai Luoluo heard a word: “Alas.”

Bai Luoluo: “… why do you sigh?”

The system said, “Did I sigh? I didn’t sigh.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Why did he have a bad feeling?

But the system didn’t talk to him anymore. It just told him to go to bed and work tomorrow.

Bai Luoluo also did not think much, he slowly climbed to the bed and closed the eyes to sleep.

The next day, Bai Luoluo got up early, had breakfast and bought more than a dozen large meat buns packed in the bag on the front frame of the bicycle.

High school students have many lessons, although he is only a high school teacher now, the students have started to start early self-study at 6:30 a.m..

It was a cold day, and the breath of Bai Luoluo became white mist. It was a torture to get up, especially for the students who slept a lot.

Bai Luoluo cycled to the school, and went to the classroom after parking his bike.

The door was open, and the fluorescent lights were bright. Bai Luoluolo saw several students were sitting in the classroom, studying their lessons, including Bai Nianjin.

Bai Nianjin knows his family circumstances are not good, so he desperately learns to change his state of existence. Unfortunately, in the eyes of other students, he has always been just a dirty and strange child with bad character.

Children are more innocent than adults, but sometimes more cruel than them.

Bai Luoluo recalled the world line and knocked on the door.

The children in the room raised their heads and called Mr. Li when they heard the knock at the door.

“Have you all had breakfast?” said Bai Luoluo.

One of the kids said yes.

“I bought a lot of breakfast, can you help me to eat some?”

The extroverted children in the class said yes, thank you, Mr. Li.

Then Bai Luoluo took out the steamed stuffed bun which was still hot and gave two to each child.

This steamed stuffed bun is quite thin-skinned with much meat, which is certainly enough for them to eat two. Bai Luoluo finally put the bag and the remaining steamed stuffed buns to Bsi Nianjin and smiled: “Bai Nianjin, eat a steamed stuffed bun.”

Bai Nianjin said to thank teacher Li with his head down.

“Help yourself.” said Bai Luoluo.

He did not show special preference to Bai Nianjin. Then he went out.

Sunset Boulevard 17

Chapter 17

At noon, after Pei Shu arrived in Bangkok, he hurried to a villa area in the southwest of Bangkok.

His father bought a property here many years ago, and hired people to take care of it regularly, but remained idle. He thought it was a house he had never had a chance to live in his life, but now it is of great use.

During this trip to Bangkok, Pei Shu was still low-key. He said that he had negotiated projects and inspected the market. He had brought more than ten people and was filled with a business jet.

When he reached the house, Pei Shu first kept guards on all sides of the small building, and then contacted Chen Boqiao and sent the location.

After an hour, an off-road vehicle approached the door of Pei Shu’s house. The front windshield of the off-road vehicle has the function of anti-sight. According to the infrared thermal imager installed on the iron door of the villa, there are two people in the vehicle.

As soon as his subordinates came to report to Pei Shu, Chen Boqiao’s phone number also called: “Open the door.”

Pei Shu ordered subordinate open the iron door and looked down at the image of the subordinate’s hand before going downstairs. According to his understanding of Chen Boqiao’s body shape and habits, the person on the co-driver was Chen Boqiao, so the driver should be Zhang Jue.

The off-road vehicle slowly entered the main road, and finally stopped on the left side of the house under a few leafy tall trees.

Pei Shu walked quickly and saw the co-driver’s door open, and Chen Boqiao got out of the car. He was wearing a light-colored thin linen shirt, and his hair was slightly longer than in the video record on the day of his appearance in court. He also wore old-fashioned sunglasses, and he was refreshing. He doesn’t look like a wanted criminal, like tourists of all kinds in Bangkok.

“Pei Shu.” Chen Boqiao took off his sunglasses and nodded at Pei Shu.

Pei Shu found that Chen Boqiao seemed to have been quite moist these days, totally different from the gray-faced looked of his imagination.

Chen Boqiao came to Pei Shu firstly. After two steps, he suddenly stopped, and looked back as if he remembered something.

“Wait a minute.” Chen Boqiao turned around and said, he walked back, and bypassed the car head to the driver’s seat. Then he leaned down slightly, and knocked on the window.

Pei Shu followed Chen Boqiao to get closer, watching the car window fall, Zhang Jue’s face emerged from the window.

Zhang Jue also looked a little confused. He looked at Chen Boqiao confusedly and asked, “What’s wrong?” He was as pale as in the impression of Pei Shu, but his hair was long and he hung it behind his neck. Pei Shu almost can’t hear.

“Don’t get out of the car?” Chen Boqiao asked Zhang Jue, paused, and said, “It’s thirty-two degrees  centigrade today. Isn’t it hot to stay in the car?”

Chen Boqiao turned his back on Pei Shu. Pei Shu couldn’t see his face and expression, but after listening to him and Zhang Jue, the speed of speech seemed to be slower than usual. It sounds like cheating Zhang Jue.

Zhang Jue was completely unaware of Pei Shu behind Chen Boqiao and only looked at Chen Boqiao intently, showing a little hesitation: “Am I going in?”

Pei Shu cleared his throat later and opened his mouth: “Come in and wait, and there isn’t only one room.”

Chen Boqiao looked back at Pei Shu, and then turned back to open the door for Zhang Jue. Zhang Jue got out of the car. He nodded to Pei Shu and said hello. This made Pei Shu never thinks that he had been prepared to turn blind eyes to himself.

After entering the room, Pei Shu asked his subordinates to take Zhang Jue to the reception room by the pool, and took Chen Boqiao to the study on the second floor. The private doctor he brought from the Asian Union waited in the study to perform a physical examination for Chen Boqiao.

Chen Boqiao entered the door, and saw the doctor and instruments in the room, and turned to Pei Shu: “Such a big scene, is it necessary?”

“Of course.” Pei Shu said concisely. Chen Boqiao stayed in the prison for half a year. Although not to the point that he could not pass the news at all, it’s better to get a medical examination earlier.

Chen Boqiao must be more aware of the stakes, walk in coordination, and  reach out and let the doctor collect blood for him.

The inspection lasted more than half an hour. After the doctor went out, Pei Shu said, “We are going to send a few more people to the cruise you are on.”

Chen Boqiao took a sip of tea and nodded, and asked Pei Shu: “Zhang Jue mentioned to me that after the demonstrations at the gate of the presidential palace. The fifth prison changed its guard.”

“Yes, we noticed,” Pei Shu paused and raised an eyebrow at Chen Boqiao. “Zhang Jue’s news is well informed.”

Chen Boqiao put down the tea cup and said nothing.

Pei Shu’s bad habits are coming, and he ridiculed Chen Boqiao: “Is it so hard to stay with an extreme admirer like Zhang Jue for so long?

But beyond Pei Shu’s expectations, Chen Boqiao did not remain silent as usual. He paused for a few seconds and said, “He is not extreme.”

Pei Shu paused and always felt that there was something wrong, but he couldn’t tell anything specific. The two looked at each other for a while, and Pei Shu remembered something, and then became a little heavy: “You asked about the comrades-in-arms yesterday, I’ve inquired about it for you.”

He handed the thin paper bag on the table to Chen Boqiao, Chen Boqiao took it, and pulled out the paper inside to see.

The paper bag was thin because the exact information was not much.

Some of Chen Boqiao’s closest subordinates had no news at all, and a small number was transferred to the army where it was difficult to get information. Most of the family members were also implicated. Some people lost their jobs overnight and their lives were difficult to maintain. Some disappeared.

When Chen Boqiao was in prison, Pei Shu had already contacted their family members, but because of fear of acting with high profile, he could only protect them secretly, and these protections seemed too weak in front of the president.

Chen Boqiao bowed his head and looked back and forth over a few pages of paper.

After the unbearably long silence, Chen Boqiao folded the paper rules neatly.

“They followed me for half a year in the war zone,” Chen Boqiao said, “we got the honor together.”

Pei Shu looked at him, but could not see his great sorrow and anger, as if he had only stated his ordinary past a year ago. Pei Shu never joined the army and lived with his father in the north. I only remember many times I received news of Chen Boqiao. He was in the hospital. The rest was in the news related to the memorial service for soldiers and saw Chen Boqiao in plaster to present a bouquet.

Chen Boqiao was a topic figure and a star in the military. The media prefers him, and was willing to give him close-ups. Thinking of this, Pei Shu remembered that every time Chen Boqiao presented flowers for his comrades-in-arms, it seemed that he was no different from what he was now. He tried to suppress the pain and make himself look casual.

The room seemed to be shrouded in shadows for a while.

Pei Shu wanted to change the topic,  and looked around. He saw a weird white stain on the edge of Chen Boqiao’s shirt, like dried paint, and pointed to: “Boqiao, what’s on your clothes?”

Chen Boqiao came to his sense and looked down. He thought for a moment. His brows stretched a little. He smiled slightly and said, “Is it made by Zhang Jue.”

  “How did you make it?”

“I ran into him in the bathroom to brush his teeth in the morning,” Chen Boqiao said with a lighter tone, recalling in detail. “It seemed to be scared. He knocked the toothbrush cup over and the toothbrush fell off. It was probably get it when he picked up his toothbrush. “

“…” Pei Shu didn’t know how to evaluate for a while, and then said after a while, “I said he had confessed to you when he was remarried. Are you remembered it.”

He remembered Zhang Jue’s gender, and said, “But what does Zhang Jue wants to do with a sedative inhibitor? Wasn’t he differentiated into alpha, which was so much higher than when he was in school?”

The kind of potion that Chen Boqiao asked for Zhang Jue, Pei Shu has known it clearly. The military medicines in North America and the newly independent countries and these were very effective. These were used for people with abnormal pheromone. The demand was very small and they have never flowed into the Asian Union Territory.

Chen Boqiao didn’t answer directly. He shook his head, and said, “It’s complicated.”

“How complicated can it be,” Pei Shu said, and suddenly came up with a very ridiculous idea, and immediately shared it with Chen Boqiao. “Is Zhang Jue actually an Omega? The only requirement to save you is to make love with him–“

“Pei Shu,” Chen Boqiao also seemed to think that Pei Shu’s idea was ridiculous. He cocked the corners of his mouth, and calmly stopped Pei Shu’s wild imagination, “Are you have a lot of time today.”

After the two talked about the details of Chen Boqiao’s plan after boarding the cruise ship, it was almost the time.

In order to make the trip look more realistic, Pei Shu had to have dinner with the director of the hospital he bought for a while. Pei Shu sent Chen Boqiao out and just pressed his hand on the doorknob. Chen Boqiao suddenly asked behind him: “Pei Shu, what is the name of the chain hospital you bought?”

Pei Shu told Chen Boqiao the original name of the hospital, and proudly introduced: “This Bangkok is the headquarters, and the idea is advanced, and the business is also good. I just changed the brand in these days.”

“I know this hospital,” Chen Boqiao frowned slightly without looking at Pei Shu, “Can you help me–” Chen Boqiao stopped before saying the whole words. A few seconds later, and he said again “Forget it.”

Pei Shu has never seen Chen Boqiao so indecisive, but Chen Boqiao seemed unwilling to mention it again. Pei Shu did not follow up. The two went downstairs and went to the meeting room.

Zhang Jue was never in the reception room.

Chen Boqiao’s footsteps paused, and he walked directly to the open door leading to the pool, and Pei Shu kept up.

As soon as he went out, Pei Shu smelled a faint smell of smoke in the air, and looked up and sa expected. Zhang Jue stood by the pool smoking a cigarette. He stood next to a marble column with an ashtray at the top, and rolled up his sleeves, and put a conspicuous bandage on his left arm, and looking boring and sleepy.

When he saw Chen Boqiao and Pei Shu, Zhang Jue had any extra actions, but he stood up a bit and his expression was not so loose.

“You had finished talking.” Zhang Jue said. The smoke was still in his hands, and the fine smoke was floating upwards.

Seeing seven or eight cigarette ends in the ashtray. Pei Shu couldn’t help but said, “Zhang Jue, you haven’t done your homework well. You don’t know that Chen Boqiao is the most annoying to others to smoke.”

Obviously, Zhang Jue really didn’t know. He paused, and quickly pressed the remaining half of the cigarette into the ashtray at hand, then tilted his head, looked nervously at Chen Boqiao, and verified silently.

Pei Shu swears that Chen Boqiao’s aversion to tobacco and alcohol is definitely not news in the Asian Union. Although Chen Boqiao does not say, everyone who can have a relationship with Chen Boqiao knows that as long as he comes out to entertain. If someone smokes or is drunk in the same field with Chen Boqiao. Chen Boqiao will definitely leave the field in the shortest time.

But Chen Boqiao moved out another set of rhetoric: “Not to the point of annoyance.”

“But smoking in the army, contempt of discipline is not good,” Chen Boqiao said.

Zhang Jue undoubtedly let out a sigh of relief, and nodded in agreement. Then he washed his hands by the pool, and walked back to Chen Boqiao. He was not much shorter than Chen Boqiao, but he was much thinner. The sun was gradually sinking through the clouds and trees in the afternoon. The sun shone on Zhang Jue’s lower face. Zhang Jue ’s original pale skin and lips were also plated light honey like gold.

Pei Shu looked at him for a few seconds and looked away, and found that Chen Boqiao was also watching.

“Let’s go, we’re finished.” Chen Boqiao raised his hand and lightly took Zhang Jue’s shoulder.

After Zhang Jue turned around, Chen Boqiao turned his face to the side, and looked at Pei Shu straightly across the hot and humid air mixed with insects chirping for three or four meters.