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The Chronicle of the Oriole Island 1

Author: Shuangmu Jiongjiong

Translator: Little Monster

Tags: Romance; Alternative History; Love; Reverse Drama; Rich Family; Mystery

Introduction: The Oriole Island belonged to the famous and notable Murong family. The current island owner was a young girl Murong Qiang. Because of her father’s death, she was surrounded by lots of ambitious people in the capital. Then she went back to the Oriole Island with her widowed mother and young sister. Murong Qiang’s sister, Murong Wei, a gorgeous beauty was engaged with the nobleman Ren Shiqiong, but she eloped with the famous painter Xu Zihui. So Murong Qiang married Ren Shiqiong instead of her sister.

The story was such simple: younger sister ran off with another man, older sister married her fiance instead of her! But because of the author’s clever description methods, this short story with less than 40,000 words was particularly interesting and vivid!

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. But sometimes, it is hard to find out who is the oriole and who is the cicada.

Seven people said the same story, but the whole story was not clear until the end, and the story was always reversed back and forth.

Chapter 1 Wet Nurse- Aunt Zhong

Ouch, I’m exhausted today! Old man, give me a cup of water and come to knead my shoulders… hey, yes, here it is, harder! By the way … A letter was sent from Steward Zhang in capital city today, which tells our master that our lady finally got married peacefully, My heart that hung a few days ago just landed today.

Hey, old man, let’s figure it out, we have been here on Oriole Island for more than ten years … Right, twelve years. I think when we first arrived here, we were really scared. What the fuck of Oriole Island? There weren’t any orioles, but a lot of vultures! Although it is the ancestral estate of the master, it is just an island in the inland sea. How can it be compared with the capital city? Don’t talk about Mrs and Miss, even we feel astonished. If it isn’t for the Emperor’s opening of trade orders in recent years, merchant ships traveling by sea often had to transit on the island. In the past, it would have been ten days or a half month before I could see an outsider!

You damn fool, how dare you ask me not to complain? Well, today I got the news that our Miss was safe, I am happy, I don’t have time to argue with you! But after all, our ladies really suffered a lot of hardships in the past: the master died in a hurry, so the cowardly cousins and shameless accountants bullied them by all means and took up most of the fields and businesses in our land. Mrs’ family has committed another thing, and no one supported them. The poor first-class Duke came down on this deserted island, and lived on a small income … Well, why am I talking about this trivial matter again? You damn fool made me cry again!

Now the young lady is finally married. Our young lady has never needed to be worried about since she was a child. She looks good-natured, gentle and artistic like a figure in the drama. She knows everything about art and is good at lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting. When we first arrived on the island, didn’t we often run behind our expenses? Since the young lady was in charge of everything, the condition has slowly improved. I’ve stayed in the capital city. I followed our Mrs. to meet many ladies and girls. Our young lady was no worse than them!

What do you say, old man? I used to talk about the younger lady all the time? How can I boast about the goodness of the older lady today? You can’t blame me that I’m a little biased. You have to say that our older lady is a girl of an eminent family in the mortal world, and our younger lady is an extraordinary fairy who came down from the heaven. I’ve lived for a few lifetimes, but I have never seen anyone more beautiful than our younger lady. She is so sweet like a pot of honey. If she smile at anyone, not to mention those of you, even my heart will pump for a half of a day; if she call me “Mother Zhong” once, I will walk lightly for a half of a day.  Master Ren from the capital city fell in love with our younger lady at first sight and came to the island again and again. Didn’t he do the engagement with our younger lady very soon?

Don’t laugh at me, you dumb ass. except you, who on our island doesn’t hold our younger lady as a treasure? Our madam, there is no need to say it. Even our older lady spoiled her younger sister. You look at what the younger lady eats and wears. Which one is not prepared for her according to the specifications of capital city? If it wasn’t for the beauty and cuteness of our younger lady, who would be willing to wear denim, while ask the tailor from Jinlan Xuan in the capital city to make clothes for her younger sister?

Speaking to our younger lady’s wedding … uh … She is 20 already, I had already gave you three babies when I was 20. But our older lady was trapped on the island, and no one has proposed to her yet. Finally, there was one who proposed, but it was for the younger lady. At first our madam was still worried about the tradition which stipulated that the older one should get married first. How could the younger sister get married first? But our older lady made our madam approved. I’ve seen many people in my life, but I really haven’t seen anyone who really loves her sister like our older lady does.

Huh! Don’t embarrass me, you old man! What do you mean by saying that the young lady did such thing because our madam and older lady spoiled her too much? We don’t have the permission to judge our masters. But let me say that our older lady was really wrong in studying. How could she bring a bunch of foreigners to teach our younger lady at home just because our younger lady wanted to learn something foreign? People say that it was true that a woman is good enough without any knowledge. Our younger lady’s temperament was already lively, and even more so after studying the book. She was thinking about “democracy” and “equality” everyday. She also pulled me out one day and said that she was going to return my indenture to me. It made me think that I will be kicked out of the family for committing something wrong.

Oh, by the way, our younger lady also said “freedom of marriage”. Old man, speaking of marriage, isn’t it right to follow parents’ will? What is “freedom of marriage”? But in the end, I was right in seeing our younger lady in this matter. Everyone was stupid when they were young. Damn it, it must be that fucking bastard knew that our younger lady was innocent and simple, so he deceived her with some tricky words!

Are you saying that I had exaggerated the man before? Well, I was blinded. and I didn’t see Xu’s true face, but you can’t blame me on this. Xu Zihui was the gentleman who was personally invited to teach our younger lady to paint by our older lady. At that time, he was so kind and easy-going, and he cured the old problems of your legs and feet … Even our older lady was cheated by him. How could I have thought of this? A handsome scholar turned out to have a beastly heart. I didn’t know what words he used to coax our younger lady willing to leave the family and run away with him.

In the past, I often complained about how we ended it up on this island, but now I think it’s a blessing. Thanks to us on this small island, if it is in the capital city, such thing will be spread all over the city in one day. Our madam and older lady will be so embarrassed, let alone our younger lady has made a commitment with Mr. Ren.

Old man, do you remember the day when our younger lady ran away? I am really scared to death. Mr. Ren happened to be on the island that day and discussed with our madam to let our younger lady marry with him. When I was serving in the front hall, I saw our older lady come in and it scared me! Her face was as white as paper. I had been in this house for so many years, and I had never seen such a terrible expression.

Our madam heard the younger lady ran away with somebody, and almost passed out. However, Mr. Ren was very calm, and immediately ordered subordinates to capture the younger lady and Xu. I was still complaining about our older lady’s confusion. Why did she tell this incident in front of Fiance’s face, but our older lady opened her mouth again. I was almost scared to pass out, I remember that she said: “Mr. Ren, my younger sister and Mr. Xu found each other congenial and made a commitment. As the eldest sister, I was unaware of that at all. This is the first mistake; the second mistake that I made is that I personally proposed for her without her permission; After learning the truth, I couldn’t bear to upset my sister, so I helped her to escape. This was the third mistake I made. I will bear all the burdens, and I hope you bring a romance to a happy ending. “

Well, the older lady also played a role in the escape of our younger lady, old man. At that time, I saw that the young ladies that I raised did such bad things, I was embarrassed to death,  and I couldn’t stop complaining about them. Suddenly I heard someone laugh, and I thought, “It’s over, Mr. Ren is mad!” I secretly looked up. I saw that the expression of the Mr. Ren was strangely tight, and he felt that he was so angry that the whole face seemed ecstatic. I was frightened to bow my head, and secretly glanced at our older lady with the corner of my eye. She calmed down and looked upright at Mr. Ren.

Mr. Ren gradually stopped smiling, and walked slowly to the older lady. He looked at her for a long while, and suddenly pinched our lady’s jaw. I only heard our Madam screamed. This time I was really fainted. I hurried forward to get a fan and water. Our lady didn’t even blink her eyes, still staring straight at Mr. Ren, and continued to say, “I would like to accept any punishment alone, please let my sister go!”

“Let them go? I’ll let them go!” Mr. Ren finally said, “What about me? I lost Ah Wei. Your Murong family dare to make me let her go? Thousands of wedding invitations have already been issued, and It is known all over the world that Mr. Ren is going to marry the lady of Murong’s family. What a shame! “

This statement was true. Don’t say that this Mr. Ren was so infatuated with the younger lady, even if he had no feelings, wasn’t it a laughingstock? The older lady finally lowered her eyes, calmed for a long time, then opened her eyes and said gently, “Please.”

Old man, do you remember what I said? Our older lady was so good, but she was just so straight. At this point, she still didn’t give up. At that time, I was really mad at her. Who knows, Mr. Ren laughed again and let go of the our older lady and said, “Okay.” He stepped back and smiled slightly. The smile was really, really … Anyway, I just felt cold by the smile. I saw him opened his mouth again: “I can do it, but Ren family can’t.”

While talking, he went out and said, “Ah Wei is gone, but fortunately, there is another lady. Ten days later, My family will send someone to propose again.”

The younger lady is gone, and you force the older lady to marry, what on earth is this world! If the master is alive, he will punish them. Old man, others don’t know the details of this Ren family, I know it well. Before three generations, they were doing a small business in some small cities. If it was not the New Deal and the foreign trade that the emperor promulgated, Ren’s family didn;t have the chance to make a fortune by dealing with foreigners at sea. What kind of talent can be conferred on hereditary baron by the emperor. After all, this was just a matter of the previous generation, in fact, they are just an upstart! As for the official position of Mr. Ren, it is even more ridiculous. I heard that he didn’t pass the Imperial Examination at all, except that he learned what kind of navy … from the foreigners … and became a soldier of the Ministry of Defense. Mr. Li, the accountant, said that no matter how high his official position is, the scholars in the world don’t admire that.

I have been very opposed to this family relationship. How notable our Murong family was? Our ancestor  was the first-class duke named by the the first founder of the dynasty, and our madam’s father was also a famous right-hand prime minister. In the past, this Ren family was never going to have something to do with our family, let alone proposing with us. Sadly, Murong’s family has come to this point now, and we are going to be in-laws with such family. Our master would be so mad if he knows!

Old man, I know what you are going to say. You want to say that right now that our older lady was married, I should stop complaining about it, right? I’m just sad. What’s wrong with this world? These small family can climb up with our grand aristocrats. At that time, I also heard the younger sister said that there are actually women in the capital as officers, and there are many women who have come out to start business… What a crazy world!

The two young ladies were raised by my own hands. They should have been blessed for a lifetime. Now our older lady was going to be the wife of the upstart. I’m so worried about her mild temper after the marriage. And.. Where did our beautiful younger lady go?

Don’t persuade me, I’m so upset now! Tomorrow, our madam will go out of the island to pray for the lady, let’s go to sleep.

Note: This is just a short novel with 7 chapters. I am a new translator, if you have some advice, please let me know. I hope you like reading this amazing story!