Fight for Peace and Love 22 (part 1)

Chapter 22 Daddy-Long-Legs’ Love Story 2 (part 1)

The word “hunger” left a deep imprint on the memory of Bai Nianjin.

When he was a child, his mother didn’t care about him. He liked to go to the street to pick up other people’s leftover steamed buns to eat. When he found something, he would put it in his mouth instantly.

At that time he was also weak and often suffered the diarrhea, but compared with diarrhea, he was more afraid of hunger. That kind of ache feeling which spreads from the stomach to the limbs, finally gathers in the mind let Bai Nianjin lose the human dignity. He even thought he could do anything if someone would give him something to eat.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you could be a naughty boy all your life. Urchins do not know what are self-respect and contempt; they even do not know what is high and low.

Bai Nianjin had been precocious. After he understood the vision of the people around, he began to endure hunger.

He stopped picking up street food and began to try to make some money of his own. For example, he can sell two-cent cans and a one-cent bottle of mineral water by the roadside.

His mother annoyed him, who did not come back home for half a month and saw him a beggar.

“How can you be so dirty?” the woman was in a gorgeous dress and the perfume she used could afford for Bai Nianjin to eat for a month. But she did not want to give Bai Nianjin a little money. This child is her shame. If it was not for him, she would not have ruined her appearance to this point.

“Are you a beggar?” she should be the most intimate person to him, but with the most disgusted looking at Bai Nianjin, the woman said: “Get out, don’t come back if you can’t clean up your body.”

So thin Bai Nianjin was carried out of the house and casually thrown away in the corridor. He was seven years old, and yet he was still so small that a woman could pick him up and throw him away like garbage with just one hand.

Bai Nianjin knew himself is probably can not go into a house, then he slowly walked to the stairwell and sat down.

It happened so many times that the neighbors couldn’t stand it and called the police.

The police came to educate Bai Nianjin’s mother, but the matter of Bai Nianjin could not be managed. In the end, it was the head of the police office who came forward and let Bai Nianjin’s mother send him to school. He also said that if the abuse goes wrong, she will be punished by law.

Bai Nianjin’s mother pretended to agree, but she began to scold Bai Nianjin “black sheep” privately. She did not hit Bai Nianjin, perhaps she was afraid to get her hands dirty.

After the police left, Bai Nianjin’s life changed a little, which means he could finally go to school.

And entering the school, Bai Nianjin soon realized that this is probably his only chance to change his fate.

Bai Nianjin began to study hard. He did not care how much the students despise him or the views of others towards him, he just wanted to leave here, leave his mother, leave the world that he hates.

Bai Nianjin had been very close to success if he had not met Li Hansheng.

Bai Luoluo was not lucky. He caught a cold after he came to this world on the third day, but fortunately it was not serious, he just had a little cough and runny nose.

In fact, it is not easy to catch a cold in such weather, but once he catches a cold, it is a little troublesome. Bai Luoluo took some ointment in the office, as he swallowed it, he thought his tonsil should be swollen.

Teachers always have to use their throats, especially high school teachers. even if they catch the cold, they also dare not ask for leave for fearing of delaying the learning process.

Fortunately, Bai luoluo is a Chinese language teacher, whose schoolwork is not so heavy as other teachers, so he felt that it should be no problem to stick to it.

At the end of a lesson, Bai Luoluo was still sweating. He took a drink of water and asked the students if they have any more questions.

A few students with good relations with Bai Luoluo came up with their textbooks. In fact, these students did not have too many problems, they just like to play along with the teachers, so the questions they asked did not embarrass Bai Luoluo too much.

The next class is about to start. Bai Luoluo tidied up his books, and glanced at Bai Nianjin once.

In fact, Bai Luoluo was looking Bai Nianjin during the whole lesson, because he found that this kid was a bit unusual. He is generally careful to listen to the lessons, but today he kept his head buried in the arms.

Bai Luoluo thought for a moment, but without calling him, he turned to go out.

So to noon, Bai Luoluo went to the classroom around. His pace slowed down as he reached Bai Nianjin’s position.

Bai Nianjin obviously has something to hide from him, because this child’s head is almost buried into the desk.

Bai Luoluo stretched out his hand to gently knock on his table and whispered: “Bai Nianjin?”

Bai Nianjin called “teacher” in a low voice.

“How do you read?” said Bai Luoluo, “Lift up your head.”

Bai Nianjin did not move until Bai Luoluo said again, he slowly raised his head, exposing a blue and purple face.

He was stunned. A flood of anger rushed to the top of his head, but he held back his anger. “Come out with me.” he said.

Bai Nianjin slowly got up and followed Bai Luoluo out of the classroom.

“What’s going on?” The teachers in the office all went home to have a nap. Bai Luoluo closed the door.

Bai Nianjin bowed his head and did not speak.

“Bai Nianjin, if there is anything, you can tell the teacher.” he said.

Bai Nianjin was still silent.

Bai Luoluo reached out his hand to lift up his face. He saw that there are some broken parts on his face. It looked as if he had bumped into something. He said, “Say something.”

Bai Nianjin quivered his long eyelashes, after a long time, he just said: “Nothing will change.” His voice was still as clear as a young boy’s, plus his thin appearance, he looked like a child of 13 or 14 years old.

Bai Luoluo almost pulled up his heart, he said: “Tell me, the adult always has more more methods than the child.”

This words seemed to move Bai Nianjin. He moved his feet and finally said: “My mother hit me.”

“Why did she beat you?” said Bai Luoluo.

“She was not in a good mood.” Bai Nianjin said.

Bai Luoluo got mad, he really could not understand why there is such a mother in the world, even in the novel, it is too much.

But the reality is always more absurd than the novel. Bai Nianjin’s mother is such a selfish and heartless woman.

“She used to beat you?” He remembered that in the original world line, Bai Nianjin’s mother didn’t come home much after taking drugs.

“Not much.” said Bai Nianjin.

“If she tries to beat you again,” said Bai Luoluo, “run out and come to my house if you have nowhere to go.”

Bai Nianjin looked at Bai Luoluo and did not say yes or refuse.

“Come on,” said Bai Luoluo, “I’ll take you to the school nurse to deal with your wounds.”

Bai Nianjin looked a little reluctant, but Bai Luoluo still insisted to take him to the school nurse. The school nurse was startled to see the wounds on his face and asked what happened.

“The kid bumped into a post yesterday.” Bai Luoluo said. He knew Bai Nianjin didn’t want too many people to know anything about his family, so he made an excuse.

Bai Nianjin secretly glanced at Bai Luoluo and slightly pursed his lips.

“I’ll apply the ointment.” said Bai Luoluo, “You go on with your works.”

The school nurse said, “Can you do it?”

“Of course.” said Bai Luoluo.

Although Bai Nianjin wounds is a little exaggerated, but it seems to be only skin wounds, so he left the ointment and went out.

Bai Luoluo quietly took a look at the doctor, then let Bai Nianjin take off clothes.

Bai Nianjin was stunned: “Ah?”

“Let me see if you have any wounds on your body.” said Bai Luoluo.

Bai Nianjin’ face floated a bit red as he knew he thought too much. Actually it couldn’t blame him, because his mother is doing that kind of business, he knew these nasty things of the adult world early.

Bai Nianjin slowly took off his clothes.

The purely white and emaciated chest of Bai Nianjin exposed, but this milk-colored chest was covered with rough shallow blood marks.

“What did your mother hit you with?” he said.

“High-heeled shoes and clothes-drying pol.” Bai Nianjin said.

“She doesn’t deserve to be a mother.”

Bai Nianjin didn’t say anything. The room was heated, so he wasn’t cold either, Bai Luoluo gently applied ointment on his wounds, which made him feel very comfortable and the original pain was eased a lot. Bai Nianjin was a little distracted to think if his parents were like the teacher… but he quickly put a stop to this idea, because it is unrealistic expectations.

Bai Luoluo applied the ointment to Bai Nianjin in the sulks, while he said to the system: “Can’t we help Bai Nianjin?”

The system said, “What do you want to do?”

“I rob his mother in the evenin.” said Bai Luoluo.

System: “… Are you worthy of being a socialist successor?”

“Then what?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system said: “Put her inside a sack and beat her.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” What difference does it make?

Of course, Bai Luoluo was just talking to the system casually. After all, he isn’t a violent person.

When he almost finished applying the ointment, the system said: “Still go? I have a good idea where to find the sack.”

After thirty seconds of silence, he said, “… go.”

The system said: “OK, you first comfort the kid, I go to buy a bag of sunflower seeds.”

Bai Luoluo felt his head have a little dull ache inexplicably.

After he finished applying the ointment for Bai Nianjin, he let him put on his clothes, Bai Nianjin said “thanks you, teacher”. Bai Luoluo could not help touching Bai Nianjin’s soft hair and gently said, “Nothing, go.”

As Bai Nianjin almost reached the door, Bai Luoluo suddenly called him, and then took out a large piece of chocolate from the pocket to stuff into his hands.

“Eat something to supplement some calories.” said Bai Luoluo, “Your hands are cold.”

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