Fight for Peace and Love 14

Chapter 14 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 14

Mao Jiu brought the best medicine to Bai Luoluo.

That medicine was ambiguous pink, still spreading sweet and greasy aroma, Bai Luoluo looked at the ointment a little suspiciously, so first put a little on his chest wound.

Fortunately, Mao Jiu did not cheat Bai Luoluo. He felt the ointment a little cool on the wound.

This was the first sex experience for Mao Jiu. He completely could not control himself and turned over to fuck Bai Luoluo. Bai Luoluo found himself almost had no good piece of skin.

Not to mention the fact that there’s even a bite mark on the heel of his foot.

There was no expression on his face, but in his heart he was gnashing his teeth and cursing Mao Jiu, saying that he is not a good thing.

The system said, “Calm down.”

Bai Luoluo said I can’t calm down.

The system said, “There’s a first time for everything.”

“I was an innocent man before I took this assignment.” he said.

System: “… you still are.”

Bai Luoluo tore his clothes and said to the system, “Is this innocent?”

System: “…” He had better not speak.

Most of the injuries on the body had been medicated except for the back part. Bai Luoluo set up the mental construction for a long time and just barely turned over to straighten up the buttocks.

He rubbed some ointment on his finger and said to himself, you can do it, Bai Luoluo, you are the best. And then he put his finger to the back in shiver.

But it was something that had never happened before, and as soon as his fingers touched the certain spot, he let out a cry.

Mao Jiu, who was waiting outside the door, was startled by the sound of Bai Luoluo. He raised his hand and pushed the door in.

The sound of the door startled Bai Luoluo, and he forced himself to use more strength, only to hear a kurgling sound and a salve-moistened finger thrust into the certain spot.

Mao Jiu called the master lightly.

“Get out!!!” Bai Luoluo said in a hoarse voice.

Mao Jiu did not move and said master, be careful, do not hurt there.

“Get the hell out of here!!” he said.

Mao Jiu blinked his eyes, after a long time, he gently said okay and went out of the house.

“Does he think I can’t see it!! He’s hard again!!” Bai Luoluo angrily pointed at the system.

System: “…”

After applying the ointment with great pains, Bai Luoluo felt that he was about to lose half his life. He half closed his eyes, and his whole body felt drowsy.

Mao Jiu at this time again walked into the house gently, and he did not disturb Bai Luoluo.

In a daze, Bai Luoluo saw a figure come up to him and bent down to give him a soft kiss on the forehead.

Bai Luoluo closed his eyes and at last fell into a deep sleep.

This sleep went straight to the afternoon. Bai Luoluo was waken up to eat directly by Mao Jiup.

Bai Luoluo reluctantly woke up from his dream and sit down beside him, as if he had never left, which made got goose bumps.

He cried and asked the system: “System, is this Mao Jiu addicted to fuck me.”

The system said, “Just calm down. I don’t think it’s going to be like this. You’re thinking too much.”

“Look at him,” he said, “he’s got an erection again!”

That’s right. Mao Jiu was fully erect again.

If it is a man to his lover’s highest tribute, then seeing Mao Jiu this reaction, Bai Luoluo probably is his soul mate. He got an erection in an instant as he saw Bai Luoluo.

Bai Luoluo cowered, but also wanted to maintain his dignity as a Wangye, he said to Mao Jiu: “Stay away from me, don’t touch me!”

When he spoke, he raised his body with his hands, revealing his long arms and white chest. On the chest and arms, however, were dotted with red marks, which attracted the eyes of Mao Jiu.

A year in the temple, after all, has had an effect on the temperament of the Bai Luoluo.

His eyes were less impetuous, like a warm spring jade, not as dazzling as before, but more attractive.

Mao Jiu had been looking for Bai Luoluo for a long time. He was very happy since he finally found him.

But when he found him, he also knew a lot things, and the people around the temple knew that there was a handsome monk in Prajna Temple. They said this monk is the best matchmaker…

Upon hearing the news from the subordinates, his face darkened seven or eight points. If others did not know who he was, could he not have known it?

It is strange that his Wangye should be able to predict the fate of marriage. If so, why did the young ladies come to him? It is so obvious.

Yuan Feiyan was famous for his flower heart. Mao Jiu, as Yuan Feiyan’s shadow guard, naturally also saw his Wangye always flirt with others.

No matter how hard a stone is, if being put into the hands of Yuan Feiyan, it can be turned into water.

To say such a person, Mao Jiu did not believe someone could fall in love with him. But the attitude that Wangye treated him let Mao Jiu have to give birth to some idea.

Mao Jiu was born as a shadow guard, a dog in the mansion, who will be gentle with a dog? It seemed the greatest kindness was to give him bones that would not starve him to death.

And Mao Jiu never thought there was anything wrong with it until Wangye said to him, you are a man, you have a right as a man, you can not live as a dog — a right, he knew the word for the first time.

Bai Luoluo felt numb. The part which had been applied ointment just now was more painful.

He said to Mao Jiu, “Mao Jiu, I think I treat you well, why do you treat me like this?!”

Mao Jiu’s expression had some grievance, he said: “Because Mao Jiu likes the master.”

Bai Luoluo said, “You…”

Mao Jiu said: “Master, you are so angry, do you like someone else?” His tone and manner were so aggrieved, as if he is not the man who was fucked yesterday.

What Bai Luoluo was trying to say, brother, if you will be caught in our world. But this word after all could not be said, then he held it back abruptly.

Mao Jiu saw the face of Bai Luoluo red, stretched out his hand on his head a bit and smiled: “Master, grow long hair quickly, and then Mao Jiu will let you go.”

Bai Luoluo originally wanted to stare at him, but remembered his erect point was so low, then he stiffly restrained his own facial expression.

He can be emperor with long hair? Bai Luoluo felt Mao Jiu was really innocent. The Social Peace Bureau has strict rules and regulations to determine the staff, if the staff in the right to work for personal gain, after he goes out, it is not just being dismissed.

Bai Luoluo vaguely remembered a civil servant who became a prince and killed all his competitors, then inherited the throne, and refused to the order of the system.

At the end of his life, the civil servant returned to the original world and was directly sentenced to more than 20 years in prison…

Bai Luoluo does not want to be the next example of a warning to posterity.

Mao Jiu saw Bai Luoluo don’t speak, then sighed lightly: “Master, I have a matter to talk with you.”

“What is it?” said Bai Luoluo.

Mao Jiu: “Your elder brother is not dead.”

Bai Luoluo was stunned: “Really?”

Mao Jiu nodded: “Yes.”

“Then where is my brother?” The emperor, who treated him so well that he even passed on the throne to him. When he heard of his death, he was sad for a while.

Mao Jiu: “But the situation is not too good.”

“What do you mean?” said Bai Luoluo.

Mao Jiu said: “You’d better go to see him.”

He said, calling in the two court men.

At first, he didn’t know what the two men were going to do to him. It wasn’t until they brought out their dresses that he became confused, “You, what are you going to do?” he said.

Mao Jiu said lightly: “Master, you are the empress. They come to apply you makeup.”

Bai Luoluo’s face was half black.

Mao Jiu said: “Please.”

“The tears of my life have run out in this world.” he told the system.

The system said impatiently: “The tear that sheds now is the water that entered the head when taking an examination of civil servant at the outset.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” After he goes back, he must immediately resign! No one can stop him!

The two men were quite old, apparently living in the palace for a long time. They washed and applied makeup for Bai Luoluo in a quite ingenious way.

Bai Luoluo sat in front of the mirror and let them do what they wanted to do.

Mao Jiu was standing behind Bai Luoluo and fixed his eyes on him.

I have to say, when there is an outsider, Mao Jiu really looks like an emperor. A glance will make people feel a chill in the back. Bai Luoluo noticed that their hands trembled a little when they were putting on makeup. He thought Mao Jiu’s power is strong and no one dare let him down.

Mao Jiu did have a talent, if he didn’t have a talent, I’m afraid he won’t be able to hold the position.

The new emperor ascended the throne and swept away the remaining men of Xin Wang by means of thunder, although Bai Luoluo did not know the details, but from the unofficial history of folk passed on, he could also guess something.

With the action of the palace people, a woman’s appearance gradually appeared in the bronze mirror.

Palace people magically softened the face outline of Bai Luoluo, and carried out processing some details. Bai Luoluo’s appearance abruptly became a heroic woman. At first glance this woman and Mao Jiu have some similarities, but by a closer look, you will find it is just an illusion.

This ancient makeup technique equals to modern cosmetic surgery.

Bai Luoluo exclaimed in the heart, but Mao Jiu lifted his chin with the finger suddenly. Mao Jiu smiled gently: “Zitong, you are really beautiful.”

“What a coincidence, I think so, too.” Bai Luoluo said calmly.

Mao Jiu: “…”

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