Fight for Peace and Love 12

Chapter 12 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 12

Bai Luoluo strongly suspects that humans have done something to the system in the past that caused it to be so hostile to him.

Bai Luoluo was bitten to cry and finally confirmed the identity of the person holding him behind his back.

“Mao Jiu, is that you?” the tone of Bai Luoluo was shivering. He thought if he guessed wrong person again, he may lose the piece of meat of the chest.

Fortunately, this time Bai Luoluo was right. The black veil on his face was gently picked off by the people behind him. A low, gentle voice came over: “Master.”

Compared to a year ago, this time Mao Jiu already had the appearance of an adult.

He was even taller than Bai Luoluo, and there was nothing incongruous feeling about holding Bai Luoluo from behind.

Bai Luoluo sighed a relief.

Mao Jiu buried his head between the neck of Bai Luoluo, the tone was extremely aggrieved, he said: “Master, this year I have been looking for you, I have been looking for you for a long time, have you missed me?”

If it had not been for the dull pain in the place where he had bit him, he would have really felt sorry for him. He hissed in a weak tone, “Of course I miss you.” he said.

“Really?” Mao Jiu’s tone cooled down: “The master is also thinking of Baifeng, Qingyun, Zhuhua and Huaqiao?”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Brother, I was wrong.

Mao Jiu kissed the light head of Bai Luoluo again: “Mao Jiu really misses the master.”

If my hands weren’t tied, I’d give you a hug. This year, the change in Mao Jiu’s body is huge. He completely faded juvenile appearance and became a mature man, and he is not as gloomy as being a shadow guard, instead, a noble air surrounded his body.

If at this time to let others to identify Bai Luoluo and Mao Jiu who is the Wangye, many people will not tell.

Knowing that it was Mao Jiu, Bai Luoluo felt that things were much easier, “Untie me.” he said.

Mao Jiu heard the words of Bai Luoluo, but did not move.He slowly kissed Bai Luoluo’s ear gently. Bai Luoluo swallowed saliva and said: “Mao Jiu?”

“Master.” Mao Jiu said, “Mao Jiu does not want to endure any more.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

Mao Jiu looked at Bai Luoluo with a confused face and light smile, he said: “The master picked out Mao Jiu from the shadow guards, it is not for these things?” He said, and then touched Bai Luoluo’s waist.

Bai Luoluo: “…” No!! I picked you out to spread the flame of socialism!!

Mao Jiu tone became as sticky and soft as if to be turned into a pool of water, he said: “Master, you take a good rest, I will solve the rest of the matters.”

Bai Luoluo was confused. But before he could utter his words, he felt his body melt and fell into Mao Jiu’s arms.

It was a wonderful feeling that his body was unable to move, but his mind was clear, and he could feel his body being carefully washed.

If it was the ordinary cleaning, it was okay. But when Mao Jiu’s fingers walked to some parts of Bai Luoluo, he was shocked and said: “He wants to do what to me?”

“I don’t know,” the system said, “all I can see is endless mosaics.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

He tried to say something, but the system hissed, “Don’t talk. Feel it.”

Bai Luoluo: “I feel your second uncle.”

As a male adult, if Bai Luoluo did not know what Mao Jiu was doing, he was really a Pig Bai.

He silently shed a tear in his heart, mourning for his dead daisy. He figured it out, after two days of skipping meals and drinking only water– as if the little bastard was ready to do it.

Mao Jiu was very gentle, the heart of Bai Luoluo was crying sadly, he asked the system is there subsidies if he is fucked by the character in the plot?

The system said, “No pay means we loved you.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

Having washed his body, Bai luoluo felt himself wrapped up in a blanket.

Bai Luoluo originally thought that Mao Jiu would wrap him up and then threw him on the bed, but in his surprise, Mao Jiu actually put on him a set of wedding clothes.

Wedding clothes?! Bai Luoluo, who was dressed in red, was shocked, but the palace people who had dressed him were all indifferent, not surprised at the man who looked exactly like the emperor.

Bai Luoluo could neither speak nor move, except to be put on a wig and a new coat like a log.

Mao Jiu came to see him once. When he saw Bai Luoluo in his clothes, Mao Jiu’s eyes were full of gentle smiles. He printed one kiss after another on the lips of Bai Luoluo. His tone was even shy, he said, “My Lord, I have waited a long time for this day.”

Mao Jiu poisoned Bai Luoluo so strongly that he even felt exhausted to blink his eyes. he stared at Mao Jiu for a while, then felt the eyes were sour and slowly closed them.

Then Mao Jiu looked at his beloved master and closed his eyes with expressionless face, but the corner of his eyes had been hanging a drop of tears.

“So unhappy?” Mao Jiu muttered, “But master, why others can, I can’t.”

Bai Luoluo didn’t want to cry, but he felt sad when he heard this, and thought to himself, brother, because everyone else was fucked by me, but you want to fuck me.

Mao Jiu did not understand the grief and helplessness of his master at this time, and his mood cooled down inch by inch, he said: “But the matter has come to this, even if the master is unwilling, Mao Jiu will never let go.”

He said, and got up to leave.

Bai Luoluo looked at his back, revealing the face which has no desire to be born.

The new emperor’s wedding, the amnesty of the world, the whole country is happy.

In the court and the field is also full of a sound of celebration, after all, from the new emperor got the throne, there were courtiers admonishing the new emperor to marry an empress, but were rejected by him again and again.

The emperor was already twenty seven years old and everyone knew he loves women and men, and if he were only a Wangye, no one would care for his children. But now the dandy Wangye became the emperor, he can get over it if he chose not to marry.

So the ministers strongly remonstrated for a year, and finally saw the effect.

The emperor relented and said it was all right to marry, but he was in charge of who he married.

The courtiers, fed up with the emperor’s lack of progress, took a step back, thinking of marrying first and having an heir and then talking about other things.

The matter of marrying was decided and the wedding date was set. The only thing left was where to find the bride.

The emperor also did not let the courtier down, he quickly tied up his empress, and fast him for three days, He let him take a bath and change the clothes to get ready for the wedding.

The heart of Bai Luoluo was broken, he saw Mao Jiu again before wedding, this time he finally had some strength to open mouth, he said: “Mao Jiu, you don’t have to do this.”

Mao Jiu had some sorrow in his eyes, he said: “Master, you really don’t like Mao Jiu?”

“I regard you only as… ” Bai Luoluo said in shiver.

Mao Jiu said: “As what?”

He had a feeling that if he did say the word “son”, he would be bitten again.

Mao Jiu saw Bai Luoluo do not answer, he calmly smiled and said: “I know the master is too shy to say.”

Bai Luoluo:”…”

Mao Jiu lightly said: “Wait for the master’s hair grow out, I will return this position to you, OK?”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

Mao Jiu said in a low voice: “Master, I hope you do not abandon Mao Jiu.”

Bai Luoluo listened to Mao Jiu’s words and was moved extremely, he thought if it is not you want to fuck me, I will be much more moved.

Mao Jiu said: “Tomorrow will be our wedding day, my Lord, I will personally come to pick you up.”

Bai Luoluo had been starved for three days, and was hungry enough to feel that if Mao Jiu gives him a drumstick, everything would be easy to discuss.

Mao Jiu looked at the eyes of Bai Luoluo gently, and leaned over to kiss the naked head of Bai Luoluo.

The next day was clear and sunny.

The new emperor’s wedding was supposed to be a big celebration, but the emperor simplified the ceremony a lot for frugality.

Bai Luoluo was fed some medicine before the ceremony began, the entire person’s spirit became some unconsciousness, he can only let others hold him to walk through the ceremony.

Surrounded by the chaos of joy, Bai Luoluo said to the system: “I was worried about giving Mao Jiu red packets.”

The system said, “I think you’re worrying too much.”

“I didn’t think my first marriage would be here.” Bai Luoluo said.

The system said, “Why are you talking so much today?”

Bai Luoluo said: “Probably this is my first marriage and I feel very nervous.”

Systems: “…”

The system was silent for a moment, and then consoled him: “It’s okay, there will be more chances.”

Bai Luoluo felt that he was not comforted at all, but his empty stomach began to ache. As a matter of fact, someone came to feed him some liquid food yesterday after Mao Jiu left, but it was not enough. Bai Luoluo was even hungrier.

Finally finishing the whole journey, Bai Luoluo covered with red bridal veil was held up by someone.

The man who held him was undoubtedly Mao Jiu, and Bai Luoluo, leaning against his chest and feeling the warmth of his skin through his clothes, said to the system, “I remember the joke I told that young lady a few days ago.”

System: “…”

Then, with a deep sigh, he said, “I never thought I would be able to sell my dung for two pence.”

System: “…” You talk a lot today.

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