Fight for Peace and Love 10

Chapter 10 Domineering Wangye and Pretty Shadow Guard 10

In the twenty-fourth year of the reign of Jianguang, The emperor died and Su Wang inherited the throne. He changed the reign to Yong’an.

During the reign, he had been diligent in his work, knew people well and loved the people frugally. He was regarded as a wise emperor. He was just thirty years old, but accidentally encountered the Xin Wang’s mutiny. He was so seriously injured that the doctors could do nothing. The emperor had a son and a daughter under his name, but he did not pass the throne to his children, but to his younger brother, the unlearned Su Wang, Yuan Feiyan.

Another year later.

Xiao Cui will accompany his lady to the mountain to burn incense today.

Her Miss is a famous gorgeous beauty, the number of people come forward to propose marriage are countless, but she did not like them at all.

Miss’s father particularly spoiled his daughter, saying that daughter, if you like someone, you must tell me.

The young lady listened to her father, but still refused to speak.

So the master only thought the young lady was shy and did not have a lover, but only Xiao Cui Knew that her young lady already had a fancy for someone.

Prajna Temple is a spiritual temple outside their city, where incense offerings are constant, it is said that seeking marriage here is the most effective. So every day the Miss drilled into the temple, but her father did not pay attention to, who only thought that his daughter was just to seek a good marriage.

The lady was going to the temple again.

She brushed her eyebrows into the mirror and put on her best jewelry. “Xiao Cui, am I beautiful?” she asked in a soft voice.

Xiao Cui smiled and said: “Miss, no one dare say you are not beautiful.”

Miss pouted her mouth and said: “Since I am beautiful, why doesn’t he look at me?”

Xiao Cui sighed, but said, “The monk just lacks a sense of romance, miss must not be angry with yourself.”

The young lady smiled softly, but said, “Prepare the carriage.”

So Xiao Cui called the sedan carriers. A master and a servant slowly went up to the temple.

Today the weather is fine, Prajna Temple is a noisy scene. Miss donated incense money and said she wants to ask about marriage, so she was invited to the back yard of the wing.

The room was closed to the general public, and was generally reserved for distinguished guests who had contributed a lot of money. After waiting for a moment, the young lady and Cui’er saw a monk in gray knocking at the door.

“Come in.” said the young lady in a soft voice.

Then the monk came in, and the young lady’s face went red.

“Master,” said the young lady softly, “sit down.”

The monk looked cold. He did not sit down, but said: “I don’t know why do you invite me here today?”

The young lady blushed and whispered, “I just want to trouble the master to help me look at marriage.”

The monk heard the words and frowned his brows.

This should be impatient action, which was particularly good-looking for the monk doing this, he said: “The benefactor has asked me a few times before.”

Miss lowered the eyes and said softly: “But it is not… right.”

The monk looked at her shy appearance and sighed: “Benefactor, after becoming a monk, I have already ended the carnal thoughts.”

Miss smiled, but said boldly: “You can still resume secular life.”

The monk stared at the young lady for a moment, knowing that he was unable to smooth the thing over. Then he said, “My benefactor, I have no desire to return to secular life. I only ask you… to forget the young monk.”

“I won’t forget!” said the young lady angrily, “I just like you. If you don’t obey me, I’ll tell my father to tear down the temple!”

The monk heard the lady’s words, after a little silence, he said: “Miss, then let me tell a story to you, OK?”

Miss thought the monk was going to preach to her, so she nodded, thinking it would be good to hear him say a few more words.

The monk took a pity look at Miss, began to tell a story, he said: “The farmers down the mountain want to buy excrement from the Taoist temple and monastery, Taoists sell it for one penny a barrel, the monks sell it two pennies a barrel.”

The young lady looked doubtful and wondered what that meant.

The monk continued: “The farmer questioned the monk, the monk angrily said: our feces are compacted, a barrel is better than two ones.”

When the monk had finished speaking, he stopped.

Miss and Xiao Cui looked puzzled and did not know what the story meant until Xiao Cui suddenly reacted angrily, “Miss! The monk is telling you a dirty joke!”

Miss said, “Huh?”

Xiao Cui glared at the monk, then went to her ear and muttered something for a long time. After Xiao Cui had explained, the young lady’s eyes turned red and she said, “YOU DIRTY MONK! Dirty! Shameless!”

Then he and Xiao Cui stormed off.

The monk looked at miss and Xiao Cui from behind and said to the system in his mind, “I am bald and I am strong.”


That’s right. The monk who was harassed by the virtuous women was the one who was captured by Xin Wang.

Bai Luoluo looked at the Miss and Xiao Cui walking away, thinking he was about to be scolded by the head monk again, and with a pained look on his face, he sauntered out of the room.

Of course he knew that the young lady was interested in him, but his position was such that if the little girl was involved, it would be fatal; it would be better to frighten her away.

The system said, “You’re really becoming more wise.”

Bai Luoluo’s tone was with vicissitudes of life, he said: “As I see monks everyday, I think the man is also quite good.”

System: “???”

The other monks were surprised to see him come out of the house so soon, saying that you had solved the patroness so quickly?

“I have made it clear to the patroness that she should never come again.” said Bai Luoluo, thinking that they take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

The other monks looked incredulous, thinking that’s what you said last time.

Only the head monk came over from outside in a huff and said, “What did you say to the benefactor?!”

Bai Luoluo slowly said: “I just told him a story that form is emptiness and emptiness is form…”

The head monk said, “Really?”

“Monks do not lie…” said Bai Luoluo.

The head monk didn’t believe him, but he could do nothing about it, “Don’t be too rough with the her.” he said, frowning, “Her father is the magistrate of the city.”

Bai Luoluo thought I am now the emperor, but he can just say: “women and right are as transient as a fleeting cloud.”

The head monk took one look at him, said nothing, and left.

So Bai Luoluo went back to his room, waiting for the next patroness to call him—— Since he was seen by the patroness, no one would ever ask the head monk about marriage, and they all began to look for him, he thought he’s gonna have to ask the host for more eggs.

It had been a year since he was sent to Prajna Temple by Xin Wang, but the flame of socialism had never been extinguished in his heart.

Bai Luoluo: “A true successor to socialism will never give up because of such a small setback.”

The system said, “Abandon treatment?”

Bai Luoluo: “Can you hold your tongue.”

The system said, “I’ll say it.”

This year in the Prajna Temple, Bai Luoluo practised abstinence from meat and said prayers and only developed the ability to quarrel with the system.

Although Xin Wang did not appear, but still sent a lot of people to prevent Bai Luoluo from escaping. He even poisoned him, sealed his inner strength, let him be no different from ordinary people.

What made him feel sad was that after being emperor for so long, no one found out that he was an impostor. Instead, many people began to think that the last emperor was wise to give the throne to this diligent emperor.

It was time for dinner.

Although Xin Wang forced him to become a monk, but the cost of food and clothing were not short of him. He let him eat two eggs a day to supplement protein.

Bai Luoluo looked at the bald boiled egg, shed tears, said that it reminds of himself.

The system said, Don’t worry, your hair will grow fast when you stop being a monk.”

“When do you think I will stop being a monk?” said Bai Luoluo.

The system thought about it and said, “Back to the old world?”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

But Bai Luoluo never gave up hope, he thought Mao Jiu would continue to look for him. He believed his beloved Mao Jiu.

The idea continued until Xin Wang appeared again.

The day Xin Wang appeared, it was a moonless night, and when the system woke him up, he saw a man standing by his bed, staring down at him.

Bai Luoluo was taken aback and said what you were going to do.

Xin Wang said, “You don’t look like him anymore.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” I have legs like your grandmother.

Xin Wang did not look very well. He looked much thinner, “He has not been looking for you.” he said to Bai Luoluo.

They all knew that Xin Wang was saying about Mao Jiu.

“All I ask is that he forgets me.” Bai Luoluo pretended to be calm.

Xin Wang glared coldly at Bai Luoluo, as if to see a flaw in his face, and then he went on to say: “He’s getting married.”

Bai Luoluo: “…” Mao Jiu, Dad misjudged you.

Xin Wang said, “How about that?”

Bai Luoluo realized that he could not lose, and a fatherly smile came over his face, “I only wish I could see him rule the world for the rest of my life.” he said.

Xin Wang: “… Are you sick?”

And he continued to disgust Xin Wang, saying, “He is my medicine.”

Xin Wang: “…”

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